Dota 2 – Fnatic parts ways with Raven, Bleed eSports coming onto the scene

#BleedeSports has formally confirmed that it plans to enter the competitive #Dota2 arena, seemingly confirming the speculations and reports.

Sean #Hades Goh, an analyst and caster, has been hired by the organization to head up its scouting efforts for the #2023DotaProCircuit, albeit it may not make as much of a splash as some fans may have hoped.

Meanwhile, Marc Fausto, widely known as #Raven, the team’s star carry player, appears to be leaving Fnatic as a result of an unexpected decision. The Tier One squad made its choice earlier today, choosing not to extend Raven’s contract for a further DPC season. The decision to separate ways was consensual, and both sides desired this result, according to Fnatic.

Fnatic Loses Its Star

Raven and the team don’t appear to have any strained relationships, and Fnatic even wishes him luck in his future ventures. For the past two years, Raven has been a member of Fnatic, serving as the team’s position one player at The International 10 and The International 11. While Team Spirit, the eventual champion, ended Fnatic’s performance at TI10, their performance in TI11 was less than stellar as they were eliminated 0-1 by Gaimin Gladiators.

In every squad he has played for, Raven has been a recognized carry player. With his ascent to fame as a member of TNC Pro Team, who he helped to a strong showing in both TI6 and TI7, Raven has given us countless carries deserving of the title of player of the year. Who can forget his dominant 33-kill Spectre performance versus Thunderbirds in the group stage of the Kiev Major 2017?

The best carry in the world, Raven has always stood out whether it was with TNC, GeekFam, or Fnatic. He has the right to choose where he goes from here, as we can envision a number of elite teams offering him a slot as their carry player for the following DPC season.

Bleed eSports Making Moves

This action indicates that Bleed is actively searching for Dota talent and is preparing to assemble a squad in order to participate in the game for the first time. The organization now runs a freshly acquired Naraka: Bladepoint team as well as the VALORANT division, which has been its primary emphasis since its founding in September 2021.

No matter how this action appears on the surface, there are already rumors that Bleed is in negotiations with T1 to take the larger organization’s Division I position in the Southeast Asian DPC regional competition. Bypassing open qualifications in December and the requirement to move up from Division II, Bleed’s new lineup would be able to play right away for a seat at the first Major of the 2023 DPC season.

Once their contracts ended following The International 2022, T1 already cut ties with former captain Kuku and his Geek Fam companions Whitemon and Xepher. Additionally, T1 had a very bad season overall in the 2022 DPC, failing to really make an impact and completely missing TI11 despite their best efforts to turn things around by bringing in Topson and Ana before regional qualifications.

It has not been verified, and T1 may still be seeking to rebuild, but after letting go of three players and amid rumors that Topson is returning to Europe, it doesn’t seem like T1 intends to remain in Dota—or will at the very least regress in the following season.

Before the open and closed qualifiers, which are scheduled to take place from December 11 to 15, the organization will have about a month to assemble a five-man squad if Bleed does not ultimately win T1’s Division I seat.

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