Dota 2 fan-made mode that people are crazy about

Over the years, Dota 2 has seen a number of custom games. Some of them are from exclusive battle pass game modes including Diretide, Siltbreaker, and Aghanim’s Labyrinth. Others, like Dota Auto Chess, became well-known thanks to the people who invented them.

One of the Dota 2 casters unveiled his own game mode earlier today after months of development. Along with fellow caster and commentator Jenkins, SUNSfan (Shannon Scotten) demonstrated the new game mode Ability Arena while playing it on his Twitch channel (Andrew Jenkins).

The Mode Explained

This game is comparable to Dota 2’s Ability Draft mode, where you can combine skills to make your own superpowered hero. While that mode takes place on a standard Dota 2 map, Ability Arena takes place on a separate map where players select their heroes and their abilities before engaging in an arena battle.

You must make sure your heroes’ skills work well together to win rounds in the automatic battles. Initial combat is one-on-one, but as more players join, full team combat emerges. You receive gold at the end of each game, which you can use to level up your heroes and skills and unlock new abilities. Prior to each round, use your gold because it resets.

Gods feature is yet another recent addition to the game. With each God, you receive a set of unique powers to help your squad of heroes, and as they level up, more abilities are added. A combat pass has also been added to the game by SUNSfan, which grants more bonuses as it advances in level.

The game is very intricate, and Dota 2 enthusiasts are soon becoming fans of it. If you are new to Dota 2, feel free to visit the guide on our page for additional information.

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