Dota 2: Dota Pro Circuit 2023 results, standings and points

Mid-season rumble. The Lima Major, which recently ended with Gaimin Gladiator’s victory over Team Liquid (though the latter had to play with a stand-in due to a health issue), marked the end of the first third of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit.

In the interim, a mini roster shuffle began for everyone else while Dota 2’s top players got to try their skills at this year’s first LAN event. Teams from all over the globe started looking for a formula that would work after they crashed out of the DPC and Major.

However, this time of roster switching was short-lived as Division I play began the DPC on March 13.

The Berlin Major, the second LAN event of the 2023 season and the final DPC gate before The International 12, is where teams are vying for a place this time around.

There have been discussions about reducing the number of Major slots available for weaker regions in light of some regions’ bad performance at the Lima Major, but Valve hasn’t yet altered the slot distribution. Over 40 Dota 2 professionals have been banned by the creator in an effort to strengthen the game’s integrity in the competitive realm, and five teams have been expelled from China’s DPC Tour as a result.

With a slight reminder from Valve that they are always watching, to the point where it completely reshaped the Chinese DPC for the Spring Tour, the next part of the season commences with full force, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including its prize pool, format, schedule, standings, and all of the DPC Points up for grabs.

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: DPC Spring Tour standings, scores and points

The 2023 DPC Spring Tour is taking place on Patch 7.32e, which brought Muerta. Despite the addition of a new hero, there was a distinct dearth of meta-changing adjustments, which should be addressed with 7.33 in late April.

Meanwhile, Dota 2 fans and professionals are trapped with another variant of 7.32 for the rest of the Spring tour, which began on March 13 and will conclude on April 2.

Division two will begin on April 5 after division one concludes.

Division I’s lowest two teams will be relegated to Division II, while Division II’s top two teams will progress to Division I. Teams finishing last in the second division will be relegated from the regional leagues, and they will have to compete in open trials for a shot at redemption against other teams vying for a place in the DPC.

DPC Spring Tour Division I prize pool is $205,000 and 920 DPC points, while DPC Spring Tour Division II prize pool is $75,000.

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