Dota 2 – BOOM Esports Complete Their Roster with xNova

In a series of statements made recently, #BOOMEsports finalized its #Dota2 team for the #2023DPCSeason. #JaCkky, #TIMS, and #Skem left the team, but BOOM kept the Yopaj-Fbz core and added xNova, Xepher, and Natsumi to the roster to bolster it.

What Happened?

Beginning in November, XNova declared his free agency and expressed a desire to move.

The majority of xNova supporters called for the veteran support to go back to his own SEA, and their requests were granted. In the upcoming months, the professional will make a triumphant return to the SEA DPC.

This also signals the end of xNova’s time in China, the location of one of his favorite Dota tournaments. Due to medical problems RNG had during TI11, he was forced to perform alone on stage with teddy bears by his side.

Here Comes the BOOM

After spending two years in T1, BOOM finalized its roster with Natsumi, who recently left Polaris Esports, and Xepher. The most recent BOOM squad will once again be led by Mushi, one of the most well-known players from the area, and will face more difficult opposition in the forthcoming season.

Even though BOOM as a whole dominated the SEA DPC last season, a new competitor in the form of Blacklist International entered the fray, further adding to the region’s competitiveness.

The 2023 professional circuit’s newest lineups will have a month to be ready, and the teams that can mesh well in time will have an advantage on the first tour.

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