Dota 2 – Big Roster Changes for BOOM Esports & Evil Geniuses

In advance of the #2023DotaProCircuit season, #EvilGeniuses officially confirms the signing of a new all-star South American #Dota2 lineup, putting an end to less than a month’s worth of rumors, partial confirmations, and insider reports.

Meanwhile, the Dota 2 squad #BOOMEsports lost three players in the course of four days as the team said goodbye to JaCkky, TIMS, and skem.

EG Bringing the Cavalry

Three former Thunder Awaken players—Jose #Pandaboo Hernandez, Farith #Matthew Huamancaja, and Cristian #Pakazs Casanova—who left the organization following their record-breaking run at The International 2022 make up this squad, as was previously announced.

Juan #Vintage Angulo Nicho, the trio’s former TA coach, is also switching to EG.

Along of the TA core, EG has also signed Jean #Chris Luck Salazar and Adrián #Wisper Dobles, two longtime members of the beastcoast, dissolving one of the most enduring Dota lineups in competitive history.

Vitória #Guashineen Otero, the manager of Beastcoast, will follow the players over.

Since then, former EG captain Fly has revealed that at least a portion of the lineup will stay intact and participate in NA for the 2019 DPC season under a different name but using the Division I slot that the organization held during the 2022 season.

Since the agreement is officially final, the only thing remaining to do for EG to move to South Africa for the 2023 DPC season is to secure a Division I spot in the Winter Tour regional league, as it is highly doubtful that the players or organization would prefer to participate in Division II or open qualifiers.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, SG Esports recently claimed it was shutting down and currently controls one of those coveted Division I places.

Evil Geniuses are quite likely to win this Dota 2 spot so they may compete for DPC Points and a spot in the first Major of the upcoming professional season.

Here Comes The BOOM

Jackky’s arrival in February 2022 caused BOOM to suddenly appear on the SEA Dota 2 screen. In the previous two DPC tours, they finished first and second, respectively. Given that BOOM also topped the charts during the first DPC tour, it was obvious that the team was having a fantastic year.

Last season, BOOM attended all of the main events, but their domestic success didn’t translate to the international stage. The group still has the opportunity to build on their great showing at GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai, ultimately elevating them to the status of one of the most prosperous groups going into The International 2022.

Similar to in the majors, BOOM found it difficult to establish itself at TI11 and languished at the bottom of the leaderboard during groups. Before the final day of groups, they were all but written off from the tournament until they accomplished the seemingly impossible.

BOOM defeated Evil Geniuses, the strongest team in the groups, to force a tiebreaker despite having a 1.4 percent probability of advancing out of the groups. The main stage was where BOOM ran out of steam despite beating Team Spirit, the TI10 champions, in tiebreakers.

Some BOOM players stated shortly after the TI11 that they were interested in exploring new options and possibly moving to a different area for the upcoming season. It wasn’t enough to keep BOOM together for their Dota 2 campaign to be successful in their home region. Although neither the organization nor the departing players disclosed their future plans, given how well-rounded they were throughout the previous campaign, it might not be long before they do so.

Only Yopaj and Fbz are still employed by BOOM as of this writing, although Yopaj has hinted that he intends to explore his alternatives, so he may already have one foot out the door.

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