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Why People Always Running Headshot You in CS:GO

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One-shot kills in CS:GO are easy if you know how to do it

Getting into a game with the pedigree of ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, with players who have been mastering its mechanics for almost twenty years, is no easy task. The frustration of the first few games, the reviews you get every time you start playing, the feeling that everyone is killing and your weapons are shooting jelly beans…

But that first stage can be left behind with some theory and practice. The second one is up to you, keep playing to improve, but with the first one maybe we can give you a hand, how would you like, for example, to start knowing how to kill with one shot in an effective way?

The damage of weapons with and without a helmet

The first thing you should know is that, against players without a helmet, all guns are capable of killing with one shot. Some, like the Glock, require a much closer distance to be able to kill with a headshot, but they all have that possibility and it is in your hands to master their potential.

If we are talking about helmeted opponents, then the number of effective weapons is reduced and the need to maintain a controlled distance becomes even more important. At close range shotguns or rifles like the AUG can kill with one shot, but for long range you will have to stick to weapons like the Ak-47, the Desert Eagle or all sniper rifles.

If you are looking for more information about weapon stats, through this link you will find a complete guide that shows everything you need to know about each one of them, including the distance needed to kill from a headshot depending on the type of weapon.

Now that you know that the problem is not with the weapons, but with you, the next point is to learn how to reduce manquismo with some basic tips on how to play. At this point we will assume that you know the importance of teamwork and calmness, and that you are not one of those players who run around like a headless chicken.

The importance of aiming well

You don’t go around corners without looking first and you will always try to pass by covering the angle you are moving through, never making open turns in which we become the balloon of a fairground stall where they have forgotten to trick the cannon.

But more than movement, which of course is important, what is really crucial in this case is the position of the sight. Aiming at the head should never be limited to looking at the enemy and moving the pointer towards his head, the pointer should already be at a point where you think someone may appear, otherwise you lose precious time that can mean the difference between life and death.

This may sound like a truism, but it is not. Think, for example, of what we were saying about corners. If we are covering the angle of the corner we will not do it with the pointer against the wall, for that to take effect we would need amazing reflexes and, although it is something that can be trained, it is better to assume that the enemy will try to dodge us while shooting at us. It is better for us to follow that path with a centimeter of separation between the pointer and the wall that could cover that movement.

The position of the pointer will always move to points where the enemy could hypothetically appear, and it must also do so at a height that covers the area of the head, so beyond practicing the position of the mouse, the first thing you should do is learn the maps very well to control where to aim before your opponents appear.

With short bursts and finesse

It is very important that you control how each weapon works, which style best suits your way of playing and how its characteristics affect the recoil that occurs with each shot. For that valuable lesson we recommend a training map like this one, where you can try each weapon and learn to master them.

What you’ll be doing is trying to master the recoil tempos of each weapon in short bursts of two or three bullets, and in one-shots that caress the mouse instead of your finger sticking to it like there’s no tomorrow. Shoot, return to the starting position and repeat the process again.

A good way to practice is to enter games where only headshots are valid, which will help you to enhance all these skills in a more natural way. In other words, forcing yourself to learn by killing in this way will pay off sooner rather than later.

Practice and patience, that’s all there is to it. No player is born knowing and it is by hitting your face against the wall that you internalize all these concepts. Try to follow this theory and you will see that, with time, your bullets will no longer look like jelly beans.

33 Replies to “Why People Always Running Headshot You in CS:GO”

Running Head shot not problem if i was 1500 hours in game, but i have only started that and everyone its sudden pro in low level? more like everyone its hacker in low level, there its no freaking way that in this game i get killed like that in split sec, and i do have like 2020 score but only 35% kills are legit, rest of them are me shooting him at back, and after 10 bullets while not moving he have time to turn around and head me? suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr

nice video and i confirm with you not judge too fast about someone would cheating. But it explains why guys with aim dont need a aimbot to look like it. I mean, if someone gives you like every time headshots like in the video WITHOUT any info -on every spot (no default spots too) – its probably suspect to be an wallhack. But very hard to catch this in demo.

For example:
I played a very suspect guy. There were many facts making him suspect in demo, but not for 100% sure. The only point were i got pretty sure for 100% was, when he were watching to the left wall (mid inferno) to throw a smoke against. He was not watching short before. When he turned 180° he suddenly aimed perfect to me though wall (i was boosted on short) by reflex. Then he came crouching around corner without checking anything else, shot me instant like in ure video.

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