PGL Major Antwerp Sets The Schedule Featuring 52 Teams

The teams for the Regional Major Ranking tournament have been finalized, with 52 teams scheduled to head to Bucharest next month in the hopes of qualifying for the PGL Major Antwerp.

Following the conclusion of the 2nd North American qualifier, which featured paiN, Evil Geniuses, and Party Astronauts squeak in at the last minute, the qualifying stage for the Regional Major Ranking tournaments has come to an end.

That means we know all 52 teams competing for a seat at PGL Major Antwerp, and also those who were unable to qualify and will have to attempt again during the next Major cycle, which begins in around six months.

All 24 Major spots will be on offer at the upcoming RMR events in Bucharest, Romania, with a massive 16 slots going to the European & CIS super-region, 6 to the Americas region, and 2 to Asia & Oceania. Who is it going to be? Place your bets here.

In each tournament, the following players are in contention:

Americas (April 11-14)

Only FURIA got a guaranteed spot at the RMR in the Americas because they were the only team from the region to make the top 16 at PGL Major Stockholm and keep their three-man lineup core.

Everyone else had to compete in open circuits — two of them in South America and also two in North America — in which the majority of the fan favorites were able to advance. However, notable names from the previous Major’s first stage, such as GODSENT and Sharks, did not advance.

Complexity Imperial
Liquid 00NATION
Bad News Bears 9z
TeamOne MIBR
Party Astronauts Sao Caetano
Evil Geniuses Isurus
paiN Leviatan

In less than a month, the aforementioned 16 teams will compete in a Swiss format in Bucharest for immediate qualification for Antwerp, having 1 Legend, 2 Challenger, and 3 Contender slots up for grabs.

Asia (15-16 April)

All four Asian teams qualified through events in the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Renegades and TYLOO, two major favorites, made it to their respective nations, while Mongolia’s IHC team has won the RoA competition.

Following a contentious decision to allow the Chinese team, and also Looking For Org, to compete and train in Europe for a prolonged period, Lynn Vision won the ME qualifier.

TYLOO Lynn Vision
Renegades IHC

This quartet will compete in a double-elimination tournament to decide which two teams will represent PGL Major Antwerp as Contenders.

Europe (17-24 April)

On the European continent and CIS side, 13 spots were allocated to teams that finished in the top Sixteen at the prior Major, while the remaining spots were distributed among five contenders — 4 for Europe & CIS teams and 1 for Far East Russia.

K23, which is presently ranked among the top 20 teams on, SKADE, Wisla Krakow, ECSTATIC, and Apeks, amid a slew of other noteworthy names from CS: most GO’s competitive region, didn’t make the cut.

Natus Vincere G2
Heroic Gambit NIP
Vitality Entropiq
FaZe Copenhagen Flames
MOUZ Astralis
GamerLegion HEET
SAW Spirit
Eternal Fire Sprout
Dignitas Bad News Eagles
Unique Endpoint
forZe Sangal
QUAZAR Anonymo

The best regional teams were divided into two brackets of 16, each with a total of seven Legend, six Challenger, and three Contender slots available over the two tournaments.