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Misfits saying the "N-WORD" Compilation!!!! (Fitz, Swaggersouls, Smii7y, RaccoonEggs, Tobyonthetele)

Her is a compilation of all those times the Misfits just said the N-Word during their games of CSGO or Fortnite. This video was a bit rushed as it was my first video. It does not include all the times as I might have missed some videos, but this one certainly is the most funniest. I hope you enjoy this video. Comment down below to let me know which moment was your favorite of them all.

G2 Esports beats Misfits Gaming in LEC Summer 2022 playoffs

G2 Esports defeated Misfits Gaming 3-1 in the LEC Summer 2022 playoffs, thanks to which they reached the finals of the top group. Here, Dylan Falco’s wards will meet Team Rogue, who beat MAD Lions the day before. Note that after this result, the Spanish club MAD Lions secured a place in the World Championship 2022 and also reached the semifinals of the lower group, using the seed veto.

The second match within the LEC Summer 2022 playoffs started with a safe victory for G2 Esports in the first game in 30 minutes and 34 seconds. However, Misfits Gaming players managed to level the score in just 24 minutes and 58 seconds. It looked like the audience was in for an even match, but G2 Esports managed to pull together to win the next two games and reach the final of the top group of the championship.

In turn, the Misfits Gaming team fell to the quarterfinals of the lower group, where they will play the winner of the Fnatic: Excel Esports match.

The current roster for the World Championship 2022 is as follows: Top Esports, Gen.G Esports, T1, G2 Esports, Rogue, Isurus and MAD Lions.


50 Replies to “Misfits saying the "N-WORD" Compilation!!!! (Fitz, Swaggersouls, Smii7y, RaccoonEggs, Tobyonthetele)”

Youtuber: "Sorry guys, im so sorry, i cant believe i let such a word slip from my mouth, i sincerely appologice to the black community and everyone that i triggered"

Misfits: AHAHA, compilation time

I just don't think that anyone should say nigga, it's a bad word and by having apparently only "black people are allowed to say it", really goes against the "equality" thing that people are trying to make everyone believe we are all equal. First of all, NO, nobody is equal, everyone is different, races are different, like for example: black people tend to rather run away from danger rather than investigate it. But, having only black people be able to say nigga, which means black slave, is racist, and also a white person saying it is also racist. Racism is not just about white people saying nigga, it's about thinking that different races are not real humans or animals,(in which they make them slaves cus they don't think they are alive anyway), yes there is also racism towards white people, asian, europeean, american, and african people. Now to the end of this long rant and me being tired of todays society, i will end it with Do. Not. Say. Nigga. To. Anyone. Or. As. A. Swear. Word.

as a black girl i wanna know why specifically the n word? theres so many slurs, asian slur, mexican slur, disability slurs, etc, but the only words edgelords care about are slurs about black people. countless slurs about different groups but they only focus on ones against the black community lmao. such an odd obsession. ive never seen compilations of people using asian slurs for example. just the n word. very odd

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