FaZe Clan Dominates G2 To Win IEM KATOWICE 2022

The biggest CS:GO event of the year is over, and we officially have the new IEM KATOWICE 2022 champions– FaZe Clan. FaZe defeated another big name in G2 Esports, which will serve them as a great confidence push at the beginning of the year. With this victory, FaZe Clan has proven that all the critics directed towards them before the tournament had no standing ground and that they still have what it takes to compete and win at the highest level.

G2 was having a great tournament, but only until the finals, where FaZe won every single map and dominated along the way to their first IEM Katowice trophy.

IEM KATOWICE 2022 – The Final Matches

The final rounds started very promising for G2, as they were able to use the momentum during the Inferno map. What may have contributed to that was the absence of FaZe Clan’s Havard “rain” Nygaard due to COVID-19, and the inability of the rest of the FaZe squad to make early game adjustments.

However, Justin “jks” Savage who was subbed in was able to fill the shoes of his unfortunately absent colleague and help the rest of the FaZe Clan to come back from what it seemed to be a lost round. G2 was leading 2-11 before the tables turned. After taking the game into overtime, FaZe won the Inferno map with the score of 19-15 and judging by the later turn of events, pretty much killed the morale of the whole enemy squad.

The second map was Mirage, where G2 was getting dominated in the earliest round stages, but picked up the second wind and managed to force the game into overtime. But, luck wasn’t on their side since “jks” took advantage of the opportunity presented to him and ended the round by putting on an excellent clutch performance.

After losing two close rounds, G2 almost had zero chance of getting back into the game. The third map was Dust II, one of the FaZe Clan’s favorites, and all that FaZe had to do was seal the deal by playing it calm and cool until the very end, and claim their championship.


No matter which team was your favorite, the whole event was indeed a spectacle and brought nothing but excitement to the fans watching around the world. If you were lucky enough to witness IEM Katowice 2022 from inside the Spodek Arena, you know that experience can’t be compared to anything else, and we wish you a lot of luck while you wait until the next event.

The whole finals aftermath was very emotional for the whole FaZe roster, given the fact they’ve won the first IEM Katowice title in the organization’s history. It would be lovely to see them stay on the winning path considering the ups and downs FaZe Clan had to face since their last major win before IEM Katowice 2022 was way back in 2019.

G2 players were obviously shaken up by the loss but showed fair-play spirit regardless and promised themselves and their fans that they would be back stronger than before.