CSGO: Zyphon returns to roster as Sprout benches Refrezh

Ismail #Refrezh Ali’s six-month run on the active squad will end with #Sprout’s choice to bench the player but also put him on transfer-list. Rasmus #Zyphon Nordfoss will take his spot in the starting squad after missing the previous three games due to injury.

The announcement follows a number of internal adjustments made to the European team this month, beginning with Zyphon’s original removal and Refrezh’s choice to abandon his position as in-game leader. Mikkel #Maze Sparvath was briefly tested by the squad as an IGL, but Sprout terminated their trial after only a few days.

In August 2022, Refrezh joined Sprout alongside Zyphon and assumed charge as the team’s new commander. Under his leadership, the Denmark core shocked everyone by defeating FORZE, Spirit and B8 at the European RMR and earning a place in the IEM Rio Major Legends Stage. Due to their strong start in Rio, Sprout was able to achieve their best finish at a Valve-sanctioned event.

The team battled to remain consistent in the months that followed as the Dane dealt with his new duties at an IGL. The situation didn’t better as a result of early withdraws from IEM Katowice and the closed qualifier for IEM Rio 2023, and by February, Refrezh had made the decision to leave the team’s leadership position.

Maze from Let Us Cook served as an IGL for Sprout for a short period of time before they choose not to continue with the Dane in charge. The group was compelled to compete in the CCT Central Europe Championships with coach, Danny #BERRY Kruger as their fifth player, finishing last and without a single map victory.

The statement on Sprout’s Twitter account stated, “It is with heavy heart that we bid farewell to Refrezh from our active roster, due to different views on the project, we have made a mutual agreement to put him on the transfer list. We are grateful to his commitment and the memories, especially our run to the Rio Major”.

If the European team does not want to compete in the Regional Major Ranking event in April with BERRY on the roster, they must locate a replacement in game-leader prior to the RMR registration date.

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