CSGO: Vitality beats FaZe 2-0 to secure Quarter-final berth

For a place in the playoff’s quarterfinals, #Vitality and #FaZe competed against one another on the final day of Group C of the ESL Premier League Season 17 season. With Audric #JACKZ Jug filling in for Peter #dupreeh Rasmussen in the 2-0 Vitality series, the bees passed the exam with two overtime victories on Anubis (19-16) and Nuke (19-15), relegating FaZe to the second round of the knockout tournament.

The veto got off to an expected start with Vitality barring Ancient and FaZe eliminating Vertigo, but Danny #zonic Sorensen’s team changed things up with a cunning Anubis selection. Although Dan #apEX Madesclaire and friends played it again at ESL Pro League Season 17 in their 2-0 upper bracket semi-final win over OG, both teams played it at the tail end of 2022’s BLAST Premier World Finals, with FaZe Defeating Liquid and Vitality losing to OG.

The choice didn’t work out for Vitality right away because FaZe made the most of their early position on the offensive side in the pool’s most T-sided map. Finn #karrigan Andersen’s team won all eight matches without a challenge before cruising through the final six to finish with a 14-1 record. Without a question, the star performer was AWPer Helvijs #broky Saukants, who had a 17-2 tally at the break.

With a 14-1 advantage on the score, FaZe’s failure to win a pistol round would ordinarily not be significant, but it proved to be so when Vitality managed the impossible and brought the match back to a draw by the 30th round. Famous athletes Lotan #Spinx Giladi and Mathieu #ZywOo Herbaut launched the assault, which concluded 17-16 after the first overtime. The map was then decided 19-16 by Vitality, who recorded two consecutive defenses—more than either team could muster in 30 rounds.

ZywOo, who had the breeze at his back, made sure to excavate FaZe’s grave on the CT side with 22 kills and 140 ADR as Vitality easily overcame a 0-3 start. In what turned out to be an 11-4 half, they gave their opponents just one attempt. In the second gun round, ZywOo sank three more shots before being eliminated by Russell #Twistzz Van Dulken overcame the last obstacle as Vitality’s advantage steadily but definitely shrank. In the 28th round, they did reach match point first, but the beekeepers were forced to a draw by the conclusion of regulation.

Despite the difficulties, it only took ZywOo and his teammates four rounds of overtime, the bare minimum, to win the match 19-15 with three consecutive attacks giving way to a successful defense that featured double kills by Spinx and JACKZ. ZywOo finished the map with 38 kills and 114 ADR to his name.

What’s next?

In the final game of the last-chance bracket, which will determine which team advances to the semifinals and which is ousted from the competition, 00NATION and Ninjas in Pyjamas will face off in the final series of Group C.

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