CSGO – Team Imperial Joins The Other Rio Major Squads

In a barnstormer of a game, Imperial overcame Complexity by winning Inferno (16-3) and Overpass (22-20) on either side of a setback on Nuke (11-16). The victory qualifies the legendary Brazilian players for the Major played in their country, where they will attempt to once more captivate the audience.

After completing the Swiss System with a 3-2 record and defeating Nouns, TeamOne, and Isurus, Imperial defeated paiN and Complexity in back-to-back best-of-three matches to advance to the sixth-place decider bracket.

The Match Recap

Imperial started Inferno off well, taking the pistol round on the offensive to take the lead 5-1. Complexity briefly made a comeback, cutting the deficit to two, but Imperial didn’t allow them to get back into the game. Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo and Fernando “fer” Alvarenga took advantage of a 2v5 situation to make the score 11-4 in the final round of the first half.

After the sides were switched, Complexity regained momentum and went on a six-round streak, nearly seizing the lead at 10-11. After then, Imperial adjusted to their adversary’s playstyle and they engaged in an exciting back-and-forth battle where neither team was able to take the map by storm.

Angelo “FalleN” The series progressed to Complexity’s choice of the Nuke map as Toledo continued to have an effect with the Big Green round after round, ultimately leading his team to a 16-12 victory.

Complexity quickly jumped out to a 3-0 lead before Nuke got underway on the terrorist side. However, due to the close nature of the games, Imperial just required one victory to defeat the North Americans’ economy and gain a 5-3 advantage. They maintained their economic advantage for the whole first half, which allowed them to exchange sides three rounds in front.

Teams traded rounds at the start of the second half as they worked their way to a deadlocked score of 11-11. After then, Complexity won five rounds in a row to avoid Overpass in the final match thanks to a stunning 1v3 clutch from Ricky “floppy” Kemery.

The Exlamation Point on Overpass

“Chelo” Marcelo went on a rampage 15 kills in the first seven rounds, and Cespedes opened Overpass like a man on a mission and put his team in a 5-1 lead. The Brazilians led for the entirety of the first half when chelo and FalleN successfully handled a 2v4 situation to switch teams with a three-round advantage.

As Complexity won the pistol and turned it into a lead before FalleN earned an ace on the A site to give Imperial their first, the second half didn’t begin the way the Brazilians had planned.

Justin “FaNg” Coakley won two clutches in the ensuing all-out brawl, and chelo and FalleN continued to deliver on the CT side. Since the two teams couldn’t be separated, overtime was required to decide the winner.

Once the game entered overtime, Imperial needed two tries to win it, ultimately winning 22-20 and securing a spot at their home Major.

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