CSGO: RES European Masters Spring team lists are finalized

Sixteen teams will participate in the RES Western European Masters Spring and RES Eastern European Masters Spring events, according to the finalized squad rosters for the two European BLAST Premier Spring Showdown qualifiers.

Eight teams will compete in each of the online European contests to earn a place in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. Prior to the semifinals, the teams will be divided into two double-elimination, best-of-one divisions, with the top teams from each group moving on. There will be a single-elimination, best-of-three format for the finals.

Eastern bracket

The Eastern European Masters Spring has a strong group of four top-30 teams thanks to the straight invitations obtained by Cloud9, Eternal Fire, Bad New Eagles, and Aurora. Only GamerLegion and Endpoint were invited for the Western European version. The remaining teams in both contests gained entry through open trials or regional games.

Due to their recent ESL Pro League performance, in which they easily advanced to the semifinals thanks to some outstanding displays from Dmitry #sh1ro Sokolov, Cloud9 will be considered the favorites to win the Eastern European tournament.

The other top-30 teams present at the Eastern European Championship are in excellent shape and will present Cloud9 with strong competition. Eternal Fire, who recently won the CCT Central Europe Malta Finals, Bad New Eagles finished second in the same tournament, and Aurora who won a CCT online tournament and advanced for the BLAST.tv Paris Major Europe RMR.

The team list for RES Eastern European Masters Spring is: Cloud9, Eternal Fire, Bad New Eagles, Aurora, Monte, iNation, Voyvoda, ex-Rapid Ninjas

Western bracket

With 9INE and GamerLegion both having good claims to win the Western European Masters, the favorites are less obvious. Since acquiring Olek #hades Miskiewicz, the Polish team 9INE has been outstanding. They qualified for the BLAST.tv Paris Major Europe RMR and won the OMEN WGR Challenge. GamerLegion has so far this year won the Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 2, finished top-two in the CCT West Europe Series 1, and advanced for the RMR.

The team list for RES Western European Masters Spring is: 9INE, GamerLegion, Endpoint, LDLC, Into the Bin, FTW, SD Invicta and Alternate aTTaX.

The Eastern European Masters are scheduled for March 10-12, and the RES Western European Masters Spring is scheduled for March 3-5. The entire activity will be broadcast on the Relog Media Twitch feed for viewers to watch.

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