CSGO – Nigma Galaxy Beats Furia to win the Impact League S2

#NigmaGalaxy won the #ESLImpactLeague championship in Jönköping, Sweden, making them two-time winners after winning the trophy at the Season 1 Finals in Dallas, Texas, and now adding the Season 2 Finals trophy by defeating #FURIA fe 2-0.

The Brazilian team came close to winning a championship for the third time this year, but Nigma Galaxy defeated them in the Season 1 Finals’ grand final as well as at ESL Impact Valencia in July.

Both teams easily defeated HSG fe and NOFEAR5 with 2-0 victory in their respective semifinal matches to get to the title game.

The Finals Recap

In the championship game, FURIA fe found it difficult to get going, as their adversaries from Nigma Galaxy dominated the CT side of Mirage with a stunning 12-3 defensive performance. Ana #ANa Dumbravă and crew promptly locked that map away, transitioning the show to Ancient.

There, Nigma Galaxy kept up their momentum and started the map with a commanding T side performance, winning ten of the first twelve rounds for an outstanding 10-2 advantage.

After gaining three rounds at the end of the first half to consolidate, FURIA fe continued to play well after the teams switched sides, momentarily taking the lead at 14-12.

Nigma Galaxy eventually discovered a way to stop the Brazilian offensive, putting an end to bombsite attacks to win the final four rounds of the map and edge out a 16-14 victory to take home the trophy, but a third map wasn’t to be.

This is one of the more important victories for Nigma Galaxy, and for female esports in general, considering that although on the rise, female esports still lags behind the male part of the industry.

Given that girls from both teams played great and gave us an amazing tournament to watch, there is no doubt that they will play a significant role in building women’s esports in the years ahead.

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