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CS:GO – M4A1-S Golden Coil (New Covert) Gameplay

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CS:GO unveiled its latest update: changes to Ancient and a nerf to the M4A1-S

Modifications to the latest official map will seek to bring more balance in favor of the terrorist side

During Wednesday night, Valve presented a new update for its shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a list of few -but significant- changes. What stood out most were the modifications to its newest competitive map, Ancient. The new battlefield, which revives the style of the old classic Aztec map, will change the way the game is played.

In addition, the currently most favored anti-terrorist assault rifle, the M4A1-S, received a nerf and its magazine capacity will return to 20 rounds, with another 80 in reserve. This maneuver is intended to bring back interest in considering its direct alternative, the unsilenced but higher capacity version, the M4A4.

Major changes to Ancient include the disappearance of the direct entry to the Site of A from Temple (CT side), the addition of increased coverage for the Site of B pillar, reduced damage with the wallbang from Scaffolding and slight modifications to Tomb.

In addition, the damage of the C4 explosion in Inferno will be higher, in order to deal with certain strategic safeguards such as the Sand corner in Site A, in case the bomb is planted in default.

It remains to be seen if the changes made -with the focus on its competitive ecosystem- generate a change in the play style and preferences of the different teams in the short term. Since its arrival to the official map pool, Ancient became a playground that favored the anti-terrorists, and the new changes could bring a greater balance in favor of the terrorist side, with more coverage options and a lower risk during the entry to the Sites.

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Anyone agree that hitboxes while the enemy is moving is worse then before legitly i hit a guy in the neck with awp and he only took 89dmg i made sure it was neck hit after with the demo and sv_showimpacts…

In my opinion, i don't think the gun is nerfed, but made it better for the tap/burst and long distances, and the M4A4 is more for spraying and close/medium distances. Yes they lowered the armor penetration, but i still play it, and i think it rocks! But that's my opinion 😉

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