CSGO – Kyxsan Lands In Team Apeks

Damjan #kyxsan Stoilkovski has been added to the active roster of Apeks. The 22-year-old is slated to succeed Martin #STYKO Styk as the captain of the international team.

The addition of kyxsan also signals the end of Apeks’ inconsistent roster situation. Hansel #BnTeT Ferdinand was among the candidates the team recently tried out to fill the vacuum created by Richard #shox Papillon’s benching in October, but they ultimately decided to go with kyxsan to complete the team.

The Road So Far

Kyxsan, who played with BLUEJAYS for just over a year, has transferred to the international roster. The Macedonian became one of the team’s top performers during that time, averaging a 1.07 rating over 378 maps, which was the second-best performance.

During his one-year stay with the North Macedonian team, kyxsan was able to turn this impressive on-field performance into observable outcomes. BLUEJAYS won the ESEA Advanced Season 41 championship, won back-to-back IESF World Championship titles in 2021 and 2022, and recently placed fifth through sixth in the ESL Challenger League Season 43, which was kyxsan’s final competition with the roster.

While this is going on, Apeks will be trying to utilize their new hire as a springboard to continue their upward trend. Since returning to competition in late November, the team has displayed strong play. They reverse-swept Monte 3-2 to win ESEA Advanced Season 43 with Micha #MICHU Müller filling in, then finished 3-4th in a run through CCT Central Europe Series 4, where they were defeated by Astralis in the semifinals.

Landing In New Environment

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Apeks team. I’m eager to get to know my teammates and begin preparing for the obstacles we will face in 2023″, said Kyxsan. “Leaving my friends and former teammates in BLUEJAYS was not an easy choice, but after learning about Apeks’ aims and goals, the choice became much simpler. We have a fantastic lineup, terrific coaches, and everything else we need to succeed, in my opinion.”

“We have definitely completed the most thorough hiring process to date with this one. We performed a wonderful job of scouting and then had a month of trials. We did everything we could to make sure the player we hired would meet our needs “Anders Kjaer, head of esports at Apeks, added.

“After carefully analyzing the experiments, we came to the conclusion that kyxsan was the best option for us. In the end, the decision was simple. He was sought after by the club, the coaches, and the players. The ideal situation is that. There is now only one thing left to do: perform.”

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