CSGO IEM Rio Major – MOUZ Defeats ENCE To Secure The Playoffs

After defeating #ENCE 2-1, #MOUZ became the sixth team to secure a spot in the #IEMRioMajor2022 playoffs. After going undefeated in the tournament’s opening round and going 3-2 in the #LegendsStage, the youthful European mix team finished in the top eight.

After beginning their Brazilian campaign in the Legends Stage and losing to #fnatic and #FURIA, ENCE was ousted from the Major. The game against Vitality, which Marco #Snappi Pfeiffer’s team won surprisingly 2-0, was the pinnacle of their run.

The Match Recap

Jon #JDC de Castro’s triple kill on the B site helped MOUZ easily win the opening pistol round of the series versus ENCE on Ancient’s T side. Because of a few crucial rounds from Valdemar #valde Bjrn Vangs, Snappi’s soldiers were only able to steal five rounds midway through their defense, making it a map to forget. Young European team was led by David #frozen Eransk and Dorian #xertioN Berman as they blasted to a 10-5 halftime lead.

After exchanging sides, frozen tormented ENCE and amassed a 2.56 CT rating while MOUZ raced through their defensive half. SunPayus Alvaro Garcia was unable to recreate his flawless performance from the Vitality series in the previous game, as his side lost the map 5-16 as a result.

To get back in the game, ENCE needed a decisive victory of their own, which they achieved on Nuke. Before a protracted power outage in the arena produced a technical break, the Snappi-led team took the early lead after starting on the T side and winning the initial pistol. After the game resumed, Valde was outstanding and steered ENCE as they dominated on offense. Before the break, a 3v5 B push that was successful gave ENCE an 11-4 lead.

MOUZ won three straight rounds to start the second half off strong, but their early success did not lead to a comeback. The ENCE CT team quickly found its footing and ended the map with a 16-8 score.

The Second Map – Mirage

ENCE maintained their momentum into the decisive game against Mirage with a strong defensive showing that produced a 7-1 advantage.

SunPayus was entertaining to watch in the first half, but he was unable to stop MOUZ from salvaging a 7-8 victory.

After switching to defense, MOUZ kept up their impressive performance and won the fourth pistol round of the series to put pressure on ENCE. With a 100.0% KAST and a 2.69 rating in the decider, Christopher #dexter Nong was unstoppable and guided his team to victory.

The ENCE flat T side struggled to make an impression and only won one round before MOUZ won 16-9.

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