CSGO IEM Rio Major – Legends Stage Welcomes Team FURIA

After defeating #GamerLegion in a two-map series, #FURIA advanced to the #LegendsStage of the #IEMRioMajor with a 3-1 record. FURIA defeated the European team 16-9 on Vertigo and 16-11 on Inferno. The Brazilian team has made sure that at least one local squad would be there when the Major’s top-16 round begins.

The win is particularly significant for Andrei #arT Piovezan’s team because they are currently the only all-Brazilian team left in the Major after Imperial and #00NATION withdrew after losses to #Cloud9 and IHC on Tuesday.

GamerLegion still has a chance to advance, but they face a challenging opponent in Cloud9, who appears to be finding their stride following a rough start to the Major. Despite having a 2-0 record to start the competition, Kamil #siuhy Szkaradek’s team may regret missing out on Legends Stage qualification after missing three opportunities to advance.

The Quick Recap

With Kaike #KSCERATO Cerato and Yuri #yuurih Santos teaming up to recover a 2vs5 scenario in the opening pistol round and give their side an early lead, FURIA instantly gave GamerLegion a taste of how the series would unfold on Vertigo.

From that point on, GamerLegion’s round victories were inconsistent and uneven; the European team was unable to string together any round victories on the CT side as André #drop Abreu, KSCERATO, and yuurih led the way for FURIA to an 11-4 halftime advantage.

The game ended quickly, 16-9, despite GamerLegion’s best efforts to organize their own attacking half. The gap was too great to overcome, and arT’s aggression and the other FURIA members’ multi-fragging left little space for a comeback.

Inferno played out similarly, with the exception that Rafael #saffee Costa’s AWP propelled FURIA to a lopsided advantage at the half. GamerLegion were only able to break past the Brazilian team’s defenses for a small period of time in the second half, but it was too late for siuhy and company on the T side as they were left facing a 4-11 deficit going into the side switch.

GamerLegion swiftly took the opportunity to get back into the map after a pistol win and subsequent conversion by winning six rounds in a row to reduce the deficit to 10-11. In response, FURIA attacked banana to score their first T-side round. They then continued to assault relentlessly, stomping their way to a 16-11 triumph.

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