CSGO – Huge Signing Announced By Team Astralis

The hiring of #HUNDEN as the new Head Analyst has been officialy announced by #Astralis on their Twitter account.

The #Danish organization claims that by making the change, the performance setup around the team for the 2023 season has been strengthened. Previously, Frederik #LOMME Nielsen resigned from his position as the analyst, and Peter #casle Ardenskjold took over as the head coach in place of Martin #trace Heldt.

Astralis Working On Inteligence

A little more than a month ago, ESIC declared that HUNDEN is welcome to take part in their member events without charge. HUNDEN congratulated his attorneys for assisting him through the process as his suspension, which he received in August 2021 for disclosing private information to a competitor while working for Heroic, was revoked nine months earlier and ESIC’s record of it was erased.

Astralis’ interest in HUNDEN has never been kept a secret. When the coach’s suspension was due to expire, Astralis said it would have “no second thoughts” about offering him a job as an analyst or similar position in a comment made in response to a Dexerto story from August that revealed the company had been working with the coach during his suspension.

HUNDEN was apparently one of the top candidates to succeed departing Astralis head coach Danny #zonic Srensen at the end of 2021 before receiving the ban, which was his second after he previously completed an eight-month sentence for employing the coaching bug.

Astralis intends to rebound from what has been the lowest point in its history by officially integrating HUNDEN into the group. After a string of poor performances and subsequent roster changes, the team is now placed 19th. Christian #Buzz Andersen completes the squad and Nicolai #device Reedtz rejoins the four-time Major-winning core.

We had to discuss a lot of issues relating to my role and everything I had to go through during the protracted process, HUNDEN stated. “At this point, I’m just relieved that everything is in place, and I can already sense how much it means to me to be operational and to have brilliant individuals nearby who believe in and support me.”

“The more we build on the basis, the better we grow at planning and adhering to the agreements, the stronger and more reliable we become as a team. We might not win the first major tournament. The outcomes will then ultimately appear. Now the emphasis is on that.”

Astralis will debut in the next BLAST Premier Spring Groups, which begin on January 19, with the new team and their finished performance setup. The team just lost out on a slot at IEM Katowice after failing to achieve a high enough position in the ESL World Ranking by the end of 2022, thus their big-event debut will have to wait until the ESL Pro League in late February or early March.

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