CSGO – Heroic Reaches BLAST Premier Semis by Defeating G2

After defeating #G2 in the quarterfinal of the #BLASTPremierFallFinal2022, #Heroic became the third team to guarantee a spot in the semifinals. After a successful CT team, the Casper #cadiaN Mller-led team easily defeated Mirage (16-8) before losing convincingly to Nuke (6-16). Rasmus #sjuush Beck’s performance on Vertigo (16-12) helped to decide the series.

On Saturday at 15:30, the Danish team will play Liquid in the first semifinal. In the IEM Rio Major’s Legends Stage earlier in November, Heroic defeated the North Americans, and they intend to do the same in front of their home audience.

The Match Recap

A misplaced Molotov during a B site push swung the tide and allowed Heroic to convert their force buy, although G2 had already secured their pick of the Mirage after winning the pistol round battle. Martin #stavn Lund and cadiaN were the highest scorers as the Danish team claimed the lead and never looked back, winning six straight rounds to conclude a brilliant CT half 12-3 ahead.

After the break, G2 had a bit more success, winning five defensive rounds, but the deficit was too great to overcome. Heroic easily won the T side match 16-8 to take the series lead. Rasmus #HooXi Nielsen ended the map with a 0.24 rating and 33.3 ADR after failing to make an effect on the server.

The European team, which arrived in Nuke in much better shape, quickly gained the upper hand on their favorite CT side. With a 14-6 K-D and a 1.59 rating during a strong defensive half, Nikola #NiKo Kova helped G2 win the first half. Heroic successfully used a force purchase in the tenth round to regain their footing and steal three of the final six rounds, saving a 5-10 score before the half.

G2 kept up their momentum in the second half, winning comfortably by the score of 16-6 to tie the series. Ilya #m0NESY Osipov and Nemanja #huNter Kova made an impression during their brief offensive runs with ratings of 1.94 and 1.76, respectively.

By taking the opening on Vertigo, G2 continued to rule pistol rounds, but their triumph was fleeting. Heroic swiftly reacted by winning their own game to briefly break the CT economy and take the lead with a score of 6-3. With a 1v3 clutch toward the B site to secure his team’s final round in the 6-9 half, Sjuush supplied the highlight of the half.

After going to the T side and maintaining their perfect pistol round record throughout the series, the European team increased their lead to 11-6. Once the Heroic rifles were introduced, G2’s offensive instantly struck a wall and was only able to win one round before cadiaN and company ended the series with a 16-12 victory.

G2 will return home having only defeated Fluxo thanks to the loss, which means they are no longer a part of the Danish LAN. However, their season is still not done because, as a result of their place in the circuit standings, they will participate in the BLAST Premier World Final in December.

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