CSGO: Heroic overpower Riders in the EPL S17 group B opening

In their opening match in Malta, #Heroic, the ELS Pro League Season 17 Group B champions, thoroughly defeated Movistar Riders. The Danes dominated on Ancient (16-6), before sealing the deal on Overpass (16-5) to advance to the upper bracket’s next round.

All of the maps Movistar Riders play, they have below 50%-win rate, but they chose to open the game on Ancient. Having a 0-3 record, Heroic’s 25% in four matches wasn’t much better, but the Danes didn’t have much trouble turning their 1-3 record into a 2-3 record until the very beginning of the series map.

Although Movistar Riders lost back-to-back after plant scenarios, two plants in the first two rounds on the offensive provided them some financial stability, but as the half went on, their efforts grew increasingly scattered. Early close matches got closer and closer, and it didn’t help that David #dav1g Granado Bermudo got off to a 0-9 start before his first kill in what turned out to be a 3-12 beating at the changeover.

Alejandro #mopoz Fernandez-Quejo Cano kept his team alive in the second half by cloaking himself in smoke and killing three players in an after plant scenario on the A site, but only for a while as the second weapons were in action for Heroic and it was simple for cadiaN and his men. After dropping the first two games, the Danish put up a 4-1 score and won the match 16-6.

As Movistar Riders stepped onto Overpass, Heroic’s best course, things only got worse for them. The Spanish were outrun by Martin #stavn Lund and crew. With 18 kills on the offensive at the half, the 20-year-old rifler was especially hot, while none of his competitors managed double figures in a pointless 1-14 performance.

The Movistar Riders once again prevailed in the second pistol round to maintain their position, but Galder #bladE Barcena’s team was unable to make the enormous effort necessary to assemble such a recovery. They ultimately lost in an embarrassing way, giving up a 5v3 advantage by moving to the B site after a one for one exchange with time pressures to plant the bomb, giving Heroic the simple 16-5 victory.

Heroic will now proceed to face the winner of BIG vs Complexity, while the losers of that matchup will compete against the Spanish team in the lower bracket. At 19:30, FURIA and Imperial will make their Pro League debuts alongside SAW vs MOUZ in a doubleheader.

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