CSGO – G2 Defeats Liquid to win the BLAST Premier World

The European team defeated Liquid 2-0 to win the BLAST Premier World Final title, ending G2’s three-year trophy drought. The achievement dates back to DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, when the organization still fielded an all-French team, and is their first trophy since Champions Cup 2019 and their first Big Event victory in five years. G2 defeated the North American team 16-7 on their chosen map, Inferno, and defeated them 16-12 on Mirage to end the match.

Ilya #m0NESY Osipov became the youngest player in history to get the honor at a Big Event when he won the tournament MVP medal. The 17-year-old AWPer took first place in the contest with a tournament-best 1.24 rating over 12 maps.

The Match Recap

Nemanja #huNter Kova’s 1v3 clutch opened the grand final as a straight back clash between the two teams resulted in a 2-2 draw. #NiKo Nikola In the fifth round, Kova pulled off a 1vs3 clutch of his own, sparking G2’s seven-round winning streak that increased their lead to 9-2. With a triple in the 12th, Elige halted the bleeding, and Liquid won the final frame before the break, but G2 led easily at halftime, 11-4.

At the start of the second quarter, G2 and Liquid traded three-round streaks, but it wouldn’t be long before Rasmus #HooXi The score of 16-7 was enough for Nielsen’s team to easily defeat Inferno. Jks outperformed every other player on the server with a final score of 21-9 K-D, 95.7 ADR, and 1.59 rating. He was a consistent performer and a continuous threat throughout the whole map.

Comparable to the first map, Mirage started with both teams swapping points before G2 went on yet another extended run that helped them gain a 9-3 advantage. Even with the momentum firmly in favor of the Europeans, Liquid fared better this time and won the final three rounds before to the transition as the final score read 9-6 in favor of G2. EliGE led the North American team’s efforts with a team-high 12 kills, including a quad-kill in the 13th that ended G2’s run.

At the start of the second half, G2 reached double digits and increased their lead to five, but Liquid ignited their afterburners at precisely the right time when all hope looked lost. The North Americans gave the game fresh life and evened the score at 11-11 thanks to the combined efforts of Keith #NAF Markovic, EliGE, and captain Nick #nitr0. Despite Liquid’s best efforts, G2 held their ground, and m0NESY dealt the decisive blow to end the map, 16-12, and win the championship match 2-0.

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