CSGO: FURIA ends up winning the Brazilian derby at EPL S17

After a poor performance at IEM Katowice in February, where they were eliminated in 9-12th place, after suffering 1-2 losses to #BIG and #IHC, #FURIA will hope to use the triumph over their compatriots as a much-needed confidence lift. The team had to fight hard to get their first victory in Malta, but they will be happy to escape dropping right away. A guaranteed place in the ESL Pro League Season 17 finals is on the line when the Brazilians take on #MOUZ on Thursday at 16:00.

In contrast, Imperial will be disappointed that they were unable to win on Mirage despite initially holding a 15-10 lead and being just a few points away from preventing a journey to Ancient. The men of Gabriel #FalleN Toledo will eagerly anticipate their forthcoming lower group match against SAW, on Thursday at 19:30.

Inferno opener

Imperial chose to begin the all-Brazilian best of-three match on Inferno, but FURIA got off to the stronger start thanks to Andre #drop Abreu’s outstanding nine kills, which helped his team build a 4-2 advantage on the CT-side. The two teams engaged in a brief struggle for dominance, with neither team able to record more than two rounds at a time to tie the game 5-5. But, FURIA was able to escape the stalemate, the Brazilian team won four of the final five rounds to take a 9-6 advantage into halftime.

At the start of the second half, Imperial began to narrow the distance. However, once weapons were in hand, FURIA steadied, taking advantage of weak spots in Imperial’s control of the two bombsites to easily ascend to map point, 15-11. FURIA eventually posted the lone round they needed with a successful B-site execute to compel a journey to Mirage.


After Mirage began, #saffee kept up his exploits, reaching nine kills by the fifth round to give his team a 4-1 T-side lead. While FURIA occasionally won rounds, they were otherwise no match for Imperial’s assured and well-thought-out game plan, which resulted in a three-round disadvantage at the half.

Initiating Imperial’s offensive strategy, FalleN outsmarted his way into a 1v2 clutch. In order to put pressure on Imperial, whose momentum was fading despite getting to the map point, 15-10, FURIA was successful in adding a few rounds to the scorecard. Saffee continued to lead FURIA with 26 kills, and in the final five rounds of the game, FURIA went on a five-round tear to force OT between the two teams.

There the FURIA players went above and beyond what was expected of them. Saffee was further released with otherworldly AWPing. Imperial had little chance of winning because FURIA quickly added the two rounds they needed to squeeze out a 19-16 triumph with the breeze in their sails.

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