CSGO – Free Agency Getting Heated

James #BanKs Banks has refuted claims that Bad News Eagles are going to sign a contract with GODSENT, disproving an earlier report that appeared in esports media stating the move was about to happen.

Meanwhile, another great player, Zgür #woxic Eker has declared his status as a free agent after terminating his contract with Eternal Fire.

Woxic Putting Out The Flames

The organization was co-launched by the sniper in August 2021, when the group developed its infamous “Turkish Superteam” proposal. Following a spate of disappointing performances, he spent nearly 16 months on the active roster before announcing last November that he “wants to continue his career in an international organization.”

Woxic has varying degrees of success while playing for the Turkish team. The team frequently won several national leagues and online qualifiers, including the ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference Play-In and the ESL Turkey Championship Season 11, but struggled to gain much traction in LAN settings.

Eternal Fire finished a disappointing 17–20th in the ESL Pro League’s Season 16, finished 12–14th in the IEM Road to Rio Europe RMR, and was eliminated from the ESL Challenger Rotterdam tournament after being beaten out by ENCE in the semi-finals. Due to these less-than-stellar performances, woxic was ultimately benched in November 2022. The 12th best player of 2019 expressed interest in going back to a team setting similar to his MOUZ days.

Despite the Turkish team’s poor tournament performance, woxic stood out for its strong performance. With a 1.13 rating across 353 maps, he finished his year and a half with the team as their second-best player, trailing only Ismailcan #XANTARES Dörtkardeş. He also did well on his own in offline situations, averaging above 1.00 in each of the lineup’s seven LAN appearances.

Eagles Delivering The (Bad) News

The manager of the Kosovar squad tweeted, “I do not know where these rumors came from but Bad News Eagles are not joining GODSENT. They made us a fair offer, but it was conditional on our agreeing to represent them at the previous Major with the possibility of an extension, which we declined to do. Thereafter, there were no more discussions.”

Since June 2022, when 00NATION acquired the majority of GODSENT’s Brazilian lineup, the organization has been without a squad. Emil #HeatoN Christensen, a legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 player and former NiP CEO, joined the organization as a co-CEO in November, and they quickly made the announcement that they will create a Swedish lineup.

GODSENT recently hinted at the signing of a new CS:GO squad, although they have not yet revealed who would be on it. Since leaving BLINK, the members of The Bad News Eagles have been looking for a new organization for more than a year. They have gained recognition thanks to their performances at the last two Majors.

The team advanced to the Legends Stage in last place after finishing the Challengers Stage at PGL Major Antwerp with a 3-2 record and victories over Eternal Fire, Imperial, and MIBR. They surprised FaZe in the 0-2 elimination pool by sending the European squad home early before losing themselves, and they managed to outdo themselves at the IEM Road to Rio Major by going undefeated through the first Swiss stage with a perfect 3-0 record.

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