CSGO – FaZe Dominates OG at BLAST Premier Denmark

#FaZe defeated #OG in two short maps for a 2-0 victory to start off their #BLASTPremierFallFinal campaign in style. They easily won the right to choose their opponents' map 16-3 before starting a 14-round streak on #Mirage to win the map 16-6 and the series 2-0.

OG are now in the lower bracket and one loss from elimination, while FaZe move on to the Group A upper final.

Twistzz, Russell Van Dulken took first place in the standings with 41 kills, a 1.59 overall rating, and numerous multi-kills over the course of the series. Alessandro #degster Gasanov, a Russian sniper who amassed 33 kills and a 1.09 rating as the only productive member of his team, was the lone bright spot for OG.

The Match Recap

FaZe won the opening pistol round to start the series, and they continued to dominate until the break, leading 12-3. Nemanja #nexa Isakovi's guys were unable to consistently plant the bomb and build any form of momentum as the attackers, which led to their nine-round deficit at halftime. OG's three points all came from successful site pushes.

The world powerhouse quickly defeated Ancient 16-3 after starting the game by winning four straight games. Twistzz took the lead with 19 frags and a few rounds with multiple kills.

On Mirage, OG completely turned the series around, taking an early 5-0 lead thanks to degster and Shahar #flameZ Shushan's strong starts. After a solid B push forced the European mix to save, FaZe finally scored in the sixth.

This prompted a run by them as well, and they eventually took the lead and won the half 9-6. Twistzz's 1vs2 clutch in the seventh round and Helvijs #broky Saukants' quad-kill in the tenth round served as high points of FaZe's brutal run.

The Second Map – Mirage

Similar to the first map, FaZe produced an impeccably executed second half and finished the map with a 14-round streak en route to a 16-6 triumph and a 2-0 series lead.

Broky maintained his stellar play, putting up 11 kills and a 2.37 rating on the CT side alone, finishing with 21 frags overall, leaving OG with no defense against whatever the defenders threw at them.

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