CSGO: FaZe defeats FURIA, faces Force in EPL quarter-finals

#FaZe progressed to the ESL Pro League Season 17 quarter-finals after defeating #FURIA 2-0, dominating the second halves of Anubis and Nuke to achieve 16-9 and 16-7 victories, respectively, to remove the Brazilian team from the tournament.

Game opener

FaZe took an early lead on Anubis with a pistol round win and later conversion, but was unable to maintain it as Kaike #KSCERATO Cerato took out three players in the first complete gun round, allowing FURIA to recover a 2vs5 scenario. Following that 5-2 triumph, the Brazilian team raced ahead in four rounds before the two teams clashed in a blow-for-blow battle in the final two rounds. FaZe came out on top of the back-and-forth, stringing together close victories near the conclusion of the half to lead by a single round going into the side swap.

The European super-squad took control with a pistol round win and didn’t stop from that point on, with multi-kill rounds from Robin #ropz Kool, Russel #Twistzz Van Dulken, and karrigan propelling them to a 14-7 advantage. Massive rounds from arT and Yuri #yuurih Santos provided FURIA with a short window of opportunity to return into the map, but Hvard #rain Nygaard and ropz combined with triple kill rounds to quickly close down the Brazilian side and capture the map, 16-9.

FURIA made an attempt to get back into the game, storming into Nuke with triple kill rounds from André #drop Abreu and KSCERATO, propelling them to a 3-0 lead. However, that was the only time on the map when arT’s team would string together any round wins, with FaZe running wild on the T side for the rest of the half and earning a 9-6 advantage at the break. That momentum continued over into the second half, as FaZe put up a tenacious defense, surrendering only one more round before winning the map 16-7.

What’s next?

Finn #karrigan Andersen’s team is battling for the opportunity to win the Intel Grand Slam, and their chances improved significantly earlier in the day after ENCE eliminated EPL title favorites G2. Still, the European team faces a tough road to the grand final, as they must first defeat FORZE on Friday at 15:30, and then face Natus Vincere or Heroic to advance to the championship match.

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