CSGO: FaZe beats Rooster’s big event debutants in Group C

#FaZe opened their #ESLProLeagueSeason17 group stage with a dominant victory on Nuke (16-6) and Inferno (16-7). The Aussies, who are competing in their first-ever Major Event, displayed their aggression on the offensive ends, but neither of their defenses was strong. The veteran squad quickly adjusted to early attempts to put pressure on FaZe in the T sides.

#Rooster entered this series against the top team of 2022 and the fourth best team in the world with a total less than 25 LAN maps between all players. They will undoubtedly benefit greatly from this series as they prepare for their upcoming match in the lower bracket on Thursday at 12:30 against paiN.

FaZe took a commanding 3-0 lead on the Nuke, but they conceded the opening gun round to a lethargic Rooster, who doubled their advantage with a clutch explosive A capture in round two to level the game 3-3. Finn #karrigan Andersen and Russel #Twistzz Van Dulken eliminated all adversaries to impose complete eco, which diminished Rooster’s momentum as they were only able to win one more round before the break.

Karrigan and his men won both of their gun matches and never looked back. They were only momentarily stopped in two rounds, one of which was Tyson #asap Paterson stunning 1v3 victory that lead to a 16-6 final score.

Rooster, who had recently experienced difficulties with their CT teams while attending a boot camp in Katowice, Poland, decided to begin the assault on FaZe’s Inferno choice map. The gamble paid off right away as they quickly built up a 4-0 advantage before FaZe won a 3v2 retake on the A side to score. However, similar to Nuke, they started to fall apart midway through the T side and surrender the lead, 7-8.

FaZe assumed charge of the assault as Rooster’s defenses began to collapse, and from that point on, it was a spring to the finish line for the international team, which went undefeated in all eight rounds to win 16-7.

What’s next?

Rooster anticipate their coming match in the lower bracket on Thursday at 12:30 against paiN. Meanwhile, FaZe will compete against Ninjas in Pyjamas to earn a place in the tournament’s finals. Grayhound vs Vitality and OG vs 00NATION are two more opening matches scheduled for 19:30 on the other side of the upper bracket.

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