CSGO – Eternal Fire Sent MIBR Home From ESL Pro League S17

Eternal Fire eliminated MIBR from the tournament in 21-28th place with a 2-0 series win to keep themselves alive in Group A’s last chance bracket during the 17th season of the ESL Pro League (16-10 Anubis, 16-11 Vertigo).

On Anubis, Engin #MAJ3R Küpeli’s team kept winning, taking the map in all four of their matches there thus far and only losing it once against G2. Keeping that level on the map will be crucial as they prepare for their last Group A encounter, where they will compete for the final playoff position out of their group against the winner of fnatic against IHC.

The Match Recap

With their selection of Anubis, Eternal Fire got off to a flying start and grabbed six commanding rounds on the assault, leaving MIBR completely defenseless. Just five kills were totaled by the Brazilian team during the Turkish team’s initial barrage, and it appeared like the map may end quickly.

Breno #brnz4n Poletto and Felipe #insani Yuji had to fire heroic rounds to get MIBR to score, but the meager number of points they managed against an Eternal Fire team that was putting up points like crazy didn’t give them much reason to be optimistic. Eternal Fire led, 10-5, at the half.

They had a chance to substantially narrow the lead when Raphael #exit Lacerda’s team won the pistol round, but they failed to take advantage of it. Eternal Fire was able to reclaim possession thanks to a fast response in the next force-buy, and Yasin #xfl0ud Koç’s quad kill helped them keep it as they advanced to a 12-6 victory.

The Brazilian side made a last-ditch attempt, stringing together three rounds on the strength of a multi-kill from insani, but Eternal Fire quickly returned to winning ways with xfl0ud scoring another quad kill to end the match, 16-10.

Vertigo developed in a manner that was quite similar to Ismailcan’s #XANTARES Dörtkardeş spearheaded his team’s valiant T-side attempt. Eternal Fire ran rampant on the offensive for the remainder of the half, mustering 10 rounds again by the break to MIBR’s five, making rounds in favor of MIBR inconsistent and unconvincing.

The Final Chapter

After a pistol round triumph, Eternal Fire increased their advantage to 13-5 until MIBR responded with a 14-6 win in the subsequent gun round, giving the series an early appearance of being over. When the deficit between the teams narrowed to 14-11, slow, methodical map control proved crucial in providing the Brazilian team some hope and breathing room.

Eternal Fire was unable to find a solution. The Turkish team didn’t respond to MIBR’s offensive attempt to win the match until that moment, and xfl0ud once more came through for his team with a 1vs2 clutch to win the game 16-11.

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