CSGO – Complexity destroy Permitta to remain alive in the group stage

After a convicing 2-0 victory over the Permutta underdogs, who qualifed for the competition as Poland’s national #ELS winners, #Complexity managed to stay alive at the IEM Katowice Play-in. The North Americans took control of the opening game on Nuke, winning 16-8, before winning the last game 16-7 on Overpass, which they chose when #Permitta prohibited Anubis in the opening rotation.

Complexity recovered from their opening-round loss against BIG, when they almost overcame a 4-14 deficit to overcome the German team, only losing 12-16, which dropped them to the bottom bracket. After today’s triumph, Complexity are currently battling ENCE for a spot in the IEM Katowice group stage. The match is scheduled to start at 16:00 on Friday.

New experience

Despite the fact that the Polish squad didn’t score double figures in all of it’s losses, this was unquestionably a useful learning experience for Permitta. “It differs greatly from the online officials, lighting, and environment. We simply need to play more with this lineup and train a lot more on our overall play”. said Rafal #sNx Snopek in the post-match interview following their elimination from the competition. Despite his team problems, Dawid #Layner Falczyski’s performance on the AWP, where he posted a positive K/D and a 1.04 rating, was one of the encouraging singals for them.

The opening round of Nuke’s heavily contested duel saw Permitta win the first gun round, forcing Complexity to take an eco to cut the score to 2-3. Despite having a simple game strategy that included numerous quick moves and six opening kills on offense, Permitta was unable to post rounds. Complexity quickly increased their lead to 9-3 before Hakon #hallzerk Fjaerli won back-to-back clutches to give his side a comfortable 12-3 halftime lead.

The Poles looked considerably better as they switched to the defensive side. Their five-round winning streak cut the score to 8-14, with their individuals finally faced off against North Americans. However, Permitta’s inexperience finally became apparent as a result of their late rotations to the bottom site, which ultimately cost them the retake with Complexity on the map point. Hallzerk, a Norwegian AWPer, who ended the game with 23 kills and two clutches, is to credit for Complexity’s easy victory.

The final round

The following game was Overpass, a map Permitta had not won in the previous three months. Despite their good start, it was soon clear that they had not proven themselves on the map as Complexity swiftly tied the game 4-4. Throughout their offensive, Permitta maintained a pack mentality, although they had trouble containing the CT’s aggresivness. In the first half, Complexity’s Justin #FaNg Coakley, who is only 20 years old, upset Permitta’s strategy, winning five entrance duels to help his team win the period 11-4.

As they started their offensive, Complexity won the second-half pistol, putting them three rounds from victory. After switching to the CT side, Permitta did regain some life and found three rounds in a row until Johny #JT Theodosiou gave his team a precise triple entry on B.

Complexity took advantage of Permitta’s business being at its breaking point by winning the map 16-7 and advancing to the championship match against ENCE on Friday.

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