CSGO: Complexity defeats Imperial after marathon games

Complexity are still fighting in the last chance bracket, and they need two more wins to advance. Before Complexity returned on Ancient (16-14), the Brazilians gave an explosive display on Inferno (16-1) to kick off the series. The North Americans required three rounds of OT and a decisive Johnny #JT Theodosiou 1v4 clutch to win the match on Overpass, 25-23.

Match opening

Complexity attempted an offensive move down the middle to open Inferno, but failed, costing them the pistol and the following conversion rounds. Imperial dominated their opponents throughout the entire half, winning an incredible twelve rounds in a row before the North Americans recorded their first point. That round set the tone for the entire half. Toledo scored a 2v3 post-plant scenario to return to winning ways and make it 14-1 at the break. Complexity was doomed to a humiliating 16-1 defeat by a second-half gun loss, and the series was transferred to their choice of the Ancient map.

Ancient started with more alarming signals for North Americans, as they watched the Imperial successfully pulled of a 2v3 retake in a pistol round, giving them the upper hand once more. With a crucial play against ex-teammate FalleN, Michael #Grim Wince helped Complexity get back in the game, but they were still 2-6 down. It was at that point in the series that Complexity began to play their typical level and eventually woke up. They won five straight games to take their first series lead and entered their defensive half with a round advantage.

Complexity continued to gain ground in the second half after starting their defense by winning four straight rounds. When Complexity was interrupted by FalleN’s quad kill on the AWP to record his team’s first round of the half, the Brazilians were able to tie the match at 13-13. Because of their initiative, Complexity were able to achieve 15 and earn two map points by making some accurate assessments. They closed out the map 16-14 and advanced the game to a decider.

Overtime drama

The third map was Overpass, the same one on which Imperial eliminated Complexity from the Americas RMR in October. Complexity got off to a fast start with a charge in the gun, and the rest of the half was spent in back-and-forth action. After defeating FalleN in a 1v1, Hakon #hallzerk Fjaerli gave his side the advantage. Complexity won the final three rounds of the first half to take a razor-thin 8-7 lead.

Complexity increased their advantage to 11-7 after hallzerk won the second pistol round for his side with a Dual Beretta triple. Ricardo #boltz Prass prevented Complexity from reentering the game with a 1v2 clutch, giving the Brazilians two match points that they were unable to convert.

After some incredible close rounds that came down to clutches, the game went into overtime. It took three overtimes for the teams to be separated. Complexity maintained their championship status by finishing out the map 25-23 after winning a 2v5 in the final OT to advance to match point.

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