CSGO – Cloud9 Set On Parting Ways With Interz

According to the word within the #esports community, Timofey #interz Yakushin is on his way out of #Cloud9.

The Russian team is looking at a number of options, but has not yet found a replacement for the support player. Igor #Forester Bezotecheskiy and Sanjar #SANJI Kuliev are two of “many candidates,” according to OverDrive on his Telegram channel.

Will the replacements fit?

Forester is now under contract with Entropiq, where he has been listed for transfer since October. As the rest of the team has since been released, Forester is the only player still associated with the Czech company. The 22-year-old, who averaged a 1.10 rating in 2022, was among the lineup’s top performers.

Since being benched in Virtus.pro in October of last year and May of this year, respectively, SANJI and buster have been watching from the sidelines. Both were eliminated to make room for Evgenii #FL1T Lebedev and David #n0rb3r7 Danielyan and Petr #fame Bolyshev, respectively. As a result of these actions, the team now playing under the neutral name Outsiders won the Major title at IEM Rio.

It would be the end of the longest-running roster currently fighting at the top of CS:GO should changes in Cloud9 be confirmed. The starting lineup, which has been centered around Vladislav #nafany Gorshkov for almost two and a half years, underwent its most recent change in July 2020, when Abay #HObbit Khasenov took the place of Anton #supra Ternobai on the team formerly known as Gambit Youngsters.

Since they don’t have anything scheduled until at least the start of IEM Katowice on January 31, Cloud9 have plenty of time to consider their options. Based on their current position in the ESL World Ranking, the team with a Russian majority would be one of the teams guaranteed a spot in the main event, but it’s unclear if they would be able to attend after Poland decided to bar Russian citizens from entering the nation from outside the European Union in September in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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