CSGO – CCT South Europe Conquered by the Copenhagen Flames

After defeating Monte 2-1 in the championship game, Copenhagen Flames won the CCT South Europe Series 1 for the first time with their new lineup.

The Danish team needed three tries to win a CCT event; their first try in the Central Europe competition was cut short by ECLOT in the round of 16 and Entropiq eliminated them in the quarterfinals of the Europe Series.

However, Entropiq’s victory over Copenhagen Flames came only after birdfromsky’s squad had already eliminated the Russian club in the South Europe playoff bracket, thus the defeat was only a minor setback, particularly now that the Danes had won the competition.

The Finalists’ Rivalry

Both Monte and Copenhagen Flames started their South Europe Series campaigns in the Swiss group stage. The former went up 2-0 in wins before barely escaping with a 3-2 record, and the latter took an early victory before needing to come back from the verge of elimination to also barely make the playoffs.

Copenhagen Flames defeated Entropiq in the round of 16 before defeating Websterz and forZe to advance to the championship game, while Monte defeated Sangal, ALTERNATE aTTaX, and Tricked to secure their own place in the showdown.

The Quick Recap

Volodymyr #Woro2k and Mohammad #BOROS Malhas made a nice starting push in the grand finals, but the series got off to a strong start thanks to Veletniuk, who assisted Monte in overturning an early 2-4 disadvantage on the T side of Dust2.

From that point on, they only conceded one more round thanks to the pair’s strong play, winning the map 16-5 with BOROS taking the top spot on the leaderboard with a 26-11 K-D and 2.04 rating.

But for the next two maps, Copenhagen Flames took control of the series’ momentum, starting with a strong seven T rounds on their selection of Ancient. They took no time finishing the map after switching to the CT side, giving up just two rounds en way to a 16-10 victory.

By the time the Nuke decider arrived, Monte appeared to be utterly out of gas, and Iulian “regali” Harjău assumed command of the game by helping Copenhagen Flames rack up an absurdly lopsided 13-2 score in the first half.

Following the side switch, there was a brief attempt by Monte to rally, but regali once more stepped up and dashed any of those dreams to seal his team’s 16-9 victory.

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