CSGO – Buzz Appears To Be The Solution For Astralis

Buzz, a 19-year-old former MASONIC player, is about to join Astralis, according to various esports sources. In Mikkel #MistR Thomsen’s place, who will return to the Astralis Talent lineup after filling in for the main squad since October, the new player will compete for the fifth spot on the main team.

Astralis Connecting The Dots

Astralis has had Buzz on their radar for some time, as two parties were reportedly in negotiations as early as October, according to a Dust2.dk article. At the time, the debate was said to be “on the verge of death,” but it was revived after Astralis’ other choices fizzled out.

Staehr Victor According to rumors, Staehr was one of Astralis’ top choices to take the final position on the squad. According to the CSGO media, the group was unable to reach an agreement with Sprout over the transfer of the 18-year-old.

Astralis allegedly sought Rasmus #sjuush Beck in recent weeks, according to many sources. But on Friday, he agreed to a two-year contract extension with Heroic, where he had recently attained the No. 1 ranking after the team’s first Big Event victory at the BLAST Premier Fall Final and a second-place finish at the IEM Rio Major.

After the other members of the core group extended their contracts in October and November, the 23-year-old was the last to sign a new agreement with Heroic.

The report was released shortly after Astralis failed to place high enough on the ESL World Ranking to be invited to the IEM Katowice tournament.

After placing second to Copenhagen Flames at the CCT Central Europe Series 4, the penultimate tournament providing points in the ranking before the invitations to Katowice were announced, the Danes just missed out on a berth in the Play-in stage of the Polish staple event.

The Next Thing On The Horizon

However, Buzz shouldn’t have to wait too long to make his public debut. The BLAST Premier Spring Groups are anticipated to happen in late January, and Astralis is automatically invited as one of the partners.

The ESL Pro League Season 17 will therefore begin on February 21 and serve as their first Big Event with the new team.

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