CSGO – Big Roster Changes For ENCE and Sprout

Olek #hades Miskiewicz and ENCE have mutually agreed to end his employment, according to a tweet from ENCE. The Polish AWPer spent his time on loan at Finest and ex-Finest after being benched in August to make place for Alvaro #SunPayus Garcia.

Meanwhile, according to various sources who have spoken to the esports media, Sprout is about to announce the arrival of Adrian #XELLOW Guţă as their new AWPer after reaching an agreement with Nexus and the player over his transfer and individual pact.

Sprout Situation

The 22-year-old Romanian was hired by Sprout to take slaxz-‘s place, who has formally left the Berlin-based company after two years of employment.

The most notable period of XELLOW’s career was his nearly six-year stint with the Romanian team Nexus, when he continuously stood out as a player. He played there for a year with Laurenţiu #lauNX ârlea before the young rifler transferred to Sprout in May 2022.

Along with Players like Thomas #birdfromsky Due-Frederiksen and Dion #FASHR Derksen earlier this year, XELLOW also spent time on loan with ECSTATIC. After only four months, the AWPer’s tenure with the squad was cut short due to a restructuring and a change to an all-Danish lineup, which started when birdfromsky left to create the new Copenhagen Flames and FASHR joined Fnatic.

Since that time, XELLOW has kept up his business with Nexus without having much success as a group. He has a stellar 1.20 rating over the last five months, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the Romanian roster, whose highest position in world standings was 76th in 2022.

ENCE Departure

Guy #anarkez Trachtman was replaced by hades on Finest after the team was unable to make it to IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe. Two months after he joined, the squad and the organization split, but he has continued to compete with the ex-Finest roster.

Hades initially joined ENCE in May 2021 on a temporary basis to fill in for Aleksi #allu Jalli, but it didn’t take him long to secure a permanent position on the squad. Allu surrounding worries over the future of the Finnish AWPer were formally replaced by hades in June of the same year.

The young Pole had a good time playing with ENCE, notably at the start of 2022 when they advanced to the ESL Pro League Season 15 and IEM Dallas finals. However, ENCE was unable to take the next step and frequently found itself on the outside. Hades struggled to improve in Majors, earning an average rating of 0.91 in the two events he participated in.

Hades said on Twitter that he is open to proposals for 2023, which raises the possibility that he won’t be stuck with the former Finest team in the future.

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