CSGO: BIG defeats Complexity in EPL S17 Group B opener

After a grueling three-map series, #BIG defeated #Complexity in Group B to claim their first triumph of ESL Pro League S17 and dispatch the North American squad to the bottom division of the triple-elimination group stage (Ancient 8-16, Nuke 16-12, Vertigo 16-14).

A powerful and explicit effort from #hyped contributed to the Germans’ triumph. The German marksman, who recently replaced Florian #syrsoN Rische on the main squad and is making his LAN premiere with the group, took first place with a 1.25 rating and 84 ADR.

A 1v3 clutch from Karim #Krimbo Moussa in the pistol round got BIG’s pick of Ancient underway, but Complexity quickly seized control by adding five CT-side rounds in a row against no resistance. The German lineup’s utility-heavy executions frequently failed to breach Complexity’s strong defensive lines throughout the rest of the half as the team was guided by Johannes #tabseN Wodarz. However, BIG managed to close the gap to five rounds at the side switch thanks to four wins from touted in the final two rounds of the half.

At the start of the second half, déjà vu struck when BIG won the pistol round to begin their time on the CT-side, However, they were unable to capitalize on their advantage this time, and Complexity quickly took advantage, advancing to 13 rounds thanks to strong showings from Ricky #floppy Kemery and Justin # FaNg Coakley. BIG successfully retook the A bombsite twice to get back on the scoreboard, but eventually they were unable to prevent Complexity from losing the first map and going on to win comfortably 16-8.


At the start of Nuke, Complexity kept up their winning ways thanks to revived brilliance from FaNg (six kills and 150 ADR), which allowed the international roster to easily glide to a 4-0 advantage on the T-side. However, this early edge was based on shaky ground, and it quickly collapsed after BIG stabilized their economy. The Germans were propelled by a powerful 18-6 K/D performance from #hyped, who helped them to slice through Complexity’s attacking tactics. As a result, the Germans finished the first half with a comfortable 10-5 lead.

Complexity fought back and extended the game to 11 rounds by going on a six-round spree to start their turn on the CT-side despite dropping the pistol round. The German team managed to stroll to a 16-12 success to force a Vertigo final, but their attempt to work their way back into contention was in vain. A chaotic round 23, which came down to a 1v1, barely went BIG’s way.

Final round

On Vertigo, a 4-4 tie resulted halfway through the first half as neither team was able to score more than three rounds in a row. In the end Complexity was the team to break the tie after tightening up their defense and quickly advancing to a 9-6 halftime lead.

As the second half got underway, BIG lost no time in narrowing the deficit. They easily won the first three rounds before sustained strength from hyped allowed the Germans to retake the lead, 11-9. At this moment, Michael #Grim Wince made a 1v3 grab on the B Bombsite, which led to a play that brought the North Americans to a 14-14 tie. However, Complexity failed to capitalize on their newfound moment, to gift BIG map and series point, before squad closed things out one round later, 16-14.

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