OpTic Texas secures first Call of Duty Major victory

The first Call of Duty Major tournament of the year is history, with a surprising winning clan. Those who placed their eSports bets on OpTic Texas to win have literally brought home a top prize. Good times for esports betting.

The Call of Duty League has been around for three years now. OpTic Texas had never won a major title before.

Team only “second-rate” in previous years

The clan is one of the teams that compete in several eSports disciplines. The last world championship title had OpTic Texas in 2017. The association has a huge fan base online. In Call of Duty, however, the clan has been rather second-rate in recent years despite its popularity.

The player layouts have been changed again and again. In 2022, OpTic is at the start with a completely new team composition. The path to success seems to have been found.

Major in a very convincing way

OpTic won the Major in convincing fashion. The team beat London Royal Ravens (eventually third), Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge, three clans that were actually considered stronger.

Winning the Call of Duty Major, of course, added to the coffers. OpTic Texas took home the prize money of a handsome $200,000.

Dashy wins the MVP award

OpTic was not only convincing as a team. Dashy also won the MVP award as the most valuable individual player. Dashy’s form will also be the crux in the upcoming tasks. If Dashy keeps the level, further team victories are not out of the question.

The disappointments of the first major tournament

There have also been disappointments in the first major tournament. First and foremost must be Crimsix, undoubtedly one of the best Call of Duty players of all time, who did not win a map with his New York Subliners. Los Angeles Guerrillas also went home without any points.

General assessment of the tournament

Overall, the first Call of Duty Major tournament of the year featured numerous close and high-level matches. Many games were played over five maps, proving the balance of the clans and the quality of the current Call of Duty League. There is no question that the fans in front of the screens got their money’s worth. The games were particularly appealing for eSports live betting. Even towards the end of a comparison, they still received appealing odds.

Call of Duty betting – here’s what happens next

This should not change much in the coming weeks and months. Already from March 11, the next games of the Call of Duty League are on the schedule, including the corresponding eSports betting at the bookmakers of course. The second phase of the 2022 season will enter the elimination phase. Another four major events then await in the year.

In the rankings, Atlanta FaZe are still in first place. OpTic Texas, however, has jumped to second place. The surprise winner’s ambition is to climb to the top. There are more than a few experts who predict a two-way battle between OpTic and FaZe throughout the year. We see it a bit differently in our forecast. We believe that the London Royal Ravens and the LA Thieves are quite capable of picking up a major title or two.