Call of Duty – Skrapz Going Back Home To London Royal Ravens

The Call of Duty fans have big reasons to celebrate, as one of the biggest esports stars is returning home to the team that propelled him to success. Yes, that means that Skrapz has officialy returned to the mix.

As of recently, the London Royal Ravens announced that Matthew #Skrapz Marshall will start for the club this weekend in the Call of Duty League in place of PaulEhx.

The Action Starts ASAP

The London squad will not waste time showing off their most recent signing. On Friday, January 13, the online qualifier matches for Major Two of the 2023 CDL season will start, and Skrapz will be paired with Zer0, Nastie, and Asim. PaulEhx revealed last week that he would no longer be participating in the CDL.

The Ravens have a pretty good roster lined up, so it will be more than interesting to see how far this team could actually go in the tournament.

Quick Esports History

The relationship between the British organization and Matthew goes a long way back. Skrapz started his CDL career in 2019 with London before switching to the Paris Legion, his final CDL team before taking a little break from racing to concentrate on streaming. Since then, he has played in Challengers and participated with the Louisville Red Wolves in the amateur competition at CDL Raleigh.

After leaving London, Matthew had some trouble finding his rhythm and adjusting to new teammate, but would always end up being the team facilitator. Prior to the start of the CDL era of professional CoD, the 25-year-old played for a variety of teams, including Fnatic, UNILAD, Red Reserve, and FaZe Clan.

He is regarded as one of the most well-liked players in European history and is well-known for both his amazing gun skills and his amusing antics and interviews.

His comeback means a lot for the British squad that looks to find its long-lost glory. The Royal Ravens, who start the new CDL stage dead last in the league’s 12th rank with just 20 CDL points and records of 2-4 in matches and 11-14 in games, have nowhere to go but up. On January 13 at 2 PM CT, when London plays the Toronto Ultra, Skrapz will formally make his CDL comeback.

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