Call of Duty: OpTic Texas defeats Seattle Surge at CDL Major

OpTic Texas, who defeated the Seattle Surge 3-1 today, will compete on Championship Sunday in front of a home crowd at the third Major of the 2023 Call of Duty League.

After dropping their first game to the Boston Breach and escaping an absolute nail-biter against the London Royal Ravens, the squad came very close to being eliminated from CDL Major Three in two consecutive games. They are currently in the top four and could advance tomorrow.

Game summary

OpTic's performance against Seattle on Hydro Hard point got off to about as strong a start as one could wish for, as they gained a lot of time at the first hill and made a break on the second hill of the map. Even when they missed out on spawns and rotations to the next Hard point, they managed to overcome what seemed like every single slope.

Seattle was able to make the game much closer than it had been in the beginning, but OpTic eventually won 250–209 to end the contest. One of the most agile players in the world, Shotzzy, dominated Seattle, posting a 24-17 score line and having a significant effect on the field at every move.

However, his excellent performance did not end with the Hard point. In the Hotel Search and Destroy, the 2020 world winner kept having a significant effect and winning what seemed like every first blood. Shotzzy's 7-5 record may not seem impressive at first look, but there were a lot of instances where OpTic had the edge of life because he had found an opportunity, taken the kill, and fled with his life.

In what was a lesson from the Green Wall, the team's two AR players, Ghosty and Dashy, teamed for 14 kills to just two fatalities. The scene would still be in a hotel, but this time the story focused on the single Control in the map collection. OpTic made a strong start once more, earning an attacking round to take the lead 1-0.

But Seattle started to flare up at that point. They took a 3-1 triumph on the Control after winning three straight rounds, two of which were attacking. The following level in the series, Fortress Hard point, was among Seattle's finest. They had an 8-2 record in the map-mode combo going into their battle with Texas, but OpTic didn't seem to worry.

Texas led 131-19 after the first three rounds of Hard points. They were controlling spawns, winning rotations, and scoring opportune kills. Seattle was able to squeeze in a little time here and there, but it was all in vain. OpTic kept dominating the map, eventually winning by a score of 250-120 to claim the game 3-1.

Stay tuned!

With the victory, Texas finishes in the top four for the second consecutive Major, but this is the first Major with its new squad. On Sunday, March 12th, at 2pm CT, OpTic will take on the victor of the Boston Breach vs. Vegas Legion battle.

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