Call of Duty Legend Crimsix Announced Retirement

Call of Duty professional Ian “Crimsix” Porter has announced his retirement. The 38-time winner, who made the announcement in a touching YouTube video, spoke openly for the first time in his 14-year career while sitting in front of a fire pit.

The decision to retire comes no easy to any player, so it must have been very emotional for Ian to once and for all call it quits.

Crimsix’s journey

Crimsix was a member of two of the greatest dynasties in Call of Duty competitive history throughout his professional career, which really got going at the start of Black Ops II in 2012: Complexity and OpTic Gaming. With the coL/EG team, Crimsix dominated Black Ops II and Ghosts, claiming his first world championship in 2014.

Later, he joined OpTic, where he spent several years and won a number of competitions, including CoD Champs 2017. Crimsix ultimately won his third world title in the CDL era with the Dallas Empire in 2020, tying his previous record.

With Modern Warfare 2 and thereafter, the former Halo pro-turned-CoD legend will switch to content creation, where he will stream on Twitch and upload on YouTube. He has also confirmed that he will take part in Warzone 2 events.

After a heartbreaking conclusion to the 2022 Call of Duty League season, Crimsix’s long career came to an untimely end as his New York Subliners lost to OpTic Texas in the second round of the CoD Champs 2022 elimination bracket.

What’s Next?

With almost $1.3 million in career CoD esports earnings, Crimsix quits holding a second place in terms of competition prizes.

One thing is sure, the Call of Duty universe will miss a player like that, because we got used seeing his highlights and spectacular finishes. Still, there are many other ways he is willing to use to contribute, which is a positive thing considering how much experience Ian was able to accumulate through the years.

We are looking forward to see his participation in Warzone 2 events, and possibly him becoming the coach to a younger generation of Call of Duty upcomers.

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