Call of Duty League 2022 Results

This summer has been crazy when it comes to esports events, and last weekend was no exception. The last match of the Call of Duty League was played on Sunday, the 7th of August, where the Los Angeles Thieves defeated the Atlanta FaZe team 5:2 to become undisputed CODL 2022 Champions.

The Championship Weekend consisted of the eight best COD teams that made it so far in the competition and was filled with exciting match-ups and high-voltage tension.

The stakes were high, and the margin for error was almost not existent, which resulted in strategic battles that were a pleasure to watch.

The Finals Recap

LA Thieves were slightly favored to win the finals, but nobody could have predicted what followed after the match started. Even the most experienced esports bookmakers were surprised by the level of dominance shown by the Los Angeles team.

Although Atlanta had a very good push in the Playoff stage against Seattle Surge and NY Subliners, the champs were an obstacle they could not overcome. They would usually get a good start at the beginnings of some maps, but shortly after the LA team would just overtake the game and dominate throughout the whole round.

After trailing 4:0, Atlanta tried making an effort to come back, but it just wasn’t enough. After slowing down for two consecutive rounds, the Thieves decided to get serious and end the tournament, winning the last round and claiming the trophy.

McArthur "Cellium" Jovel Call of Duty

Despite the loss, Atlanta does have lots of reasons to be happy, since the MVP of the tournament was selected from their roster once again!

McArthur “Cellium” Jovel deserves congratulations on receiving the Most Valuable Player award for 2022! Cellium was the undisputed victor in this contest, which was judged by talent, journalists, coaches, and general managers.

This is a well-earned victory, as it is the second consecutive year that an Atlanta FaZe player has been named MVP.

Another team that goes home from the Call of Duty League with a reason to smile is Seattle Surge, whose player Amer “Pred” Zulbeari was named the Rookie of the year for season 2022.

His amazing performances made sure no other player would get the ROTY award this year, solidifying him as one of the pillars for the future of the Seattle team.


The summer is almost half behind us, so right now is the right moment to look back and reflect on what happened in the last month or two. All of us esports fans had lots of reasons to be happy because numerous events were going on every week, sometimes even more than that.

In case you placed some esports bets and won some money – congratulations! We wish you more wins and more successful bets in the future. However, if you missed the early summer momentum for esports betting, there is still a chance for you to turn things around and start making money even today!

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