Call of Duty – LA Thieves dominate Toronto at CDL Major

With an amazing 3-0 victory over the Toronto Ultra today, the Los Angeles Thieves punched their way to Championship Sunday at the Call of Duty League’s Boston Major.

Since losing to OpTic Texas in the tournament’s opening match in the first round of the winners bracket, Los Angeles has won three straight series 3-0. With the win, they advance to Sunday and come a step closer to the elimination finals. And the Thieves’ top talents shone brightest in one of their most crucial games of the season.

Game highlights

Octane and his Los Angeles teammates had a strong start on the first map of the series, Mercado Hardpoint. The seasoned player started off with full streaks, and his 31-13 performance was a crucial factor in the 250-165 triumph that was never in doubt. Drazah, the other AR player on the team, made an impression as well with a 17-14 Hardpoint statline.

Drazah and Octane once again played a major role for the side of Los Angeles in the Hotel Search and Destroy. The AR pair contributed 18 kills collectively to the Thieves’ 6-2 triumph. Drazah outperformed Toronto across the board with a stat line of 12-2. After losing against OpTic earlier this weekend, the Thieves turned their attention to Search and Destroy, and it has obviously paid off.

“The last three series have all ended 3-0, so it’s been good. Nothing greater than that is possible, Envoy said to Dot Esports following the game. “I believe that all of that can be attributed to our game two and our searches. If we keep those searches going, I think we’ll still bring the ice when it comes to a closer series and a game five.

For the third map on Control, the series remained at Hotel. However, Los Angeles has been dominating every club they have recently met, regardless of the game style, and game three was no exception. Envoy, the Thieves’ standout SMG player, put on an outstanding effort to lead his team to a 3-1 triumph. He recorded a 1.48 K/D on the map and credited Los Angeles’ strong performance to their restored self-assurance.

Envoy remarked, “You can see that in our games and you can see it in the results when we play with confidence. “Every time, I expect a tremendous fight from everyone. I mean, this year’s teams are all becoming stronger and better as the CDL progresses, so I anticipate a struggle. But if we keep playing the way we are, perhaps it won’t be.

The Conclusion

The second member of L.A.’s sub pair, Kenny, concurred, saying, “Our SnD is looking a little better, but I feel like it wasn’t really the game mode or map type.” “I believe that for us, it was just a confidence issue.”

The Thieves organization appears to be in good spirits right now, and the group is aiming to resume its winning ways for the first time in Modern Warfare 2 season. At Monday, 2:00 PM CT, the CDL global champions will face the winner of the Boston Breach vs. Texas game for a position in the elimination bracket finals.

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