Call of Duty – Dashy’s big performance in victory over LA Thieves at CDL Major

At the Call of Duty League Boston Major, OpTic Texas fought from a 2-1 deficit in the first round of the winner’s bracket to defeat the Los Angeles Thieves twice in a row and go one step closer to winning the Major.

Game highlights

After #Scump retirement last month, OpTic’s new squad played in their first #LAN game together, yet the team appeared to have been playing together for a long period of time. Given that #Huke, #Shotzyy, and #iLLeY were colleagues on the 2020 #DallasEmpire team that won the title, it’s not surprising that they have bonded so quickly.

Dashy, who returned to the starting lineup has been unstoppable since and he was a true star of the show for the Green Wall. Over the span of the series’ five maps, Dashy had a 1.36 K/D while inflicting more than 12.400 in damage against Los Angeles. The superstar who placed second in the MVP vote during the 2022 CDL season, has clearly demonstrated why his team made the decision to re-instate him back into the lineup.

Since the roster change, OpTic’s Hardpoint hasn’t been as clean, but the team’s chemistry was evident in Search and Destroy. Since adding Huke and Dashy to the lineup, Texas has been one of the top SnD teams in the league, and their performance against Los Angeles was no exception.

On their way to a dominating 6-1 victory on the Mercado Search and Destroy, each member of OpTic earned positive K/Ds. Shotzzy and Dashy had crucial performances in both SnD, combining for a total of 15 kills to only six deaths on the second map.

One-on-one battle

After Texas clinched the Hydro Hardpoint, and LA won the Hotel Control by a count of 3-2, it was only fair that this legendary battle was settled by a decisive game five. OpTic found themselves down 3-2, in a two vs two capture position. To give Texas two-on-one edge, Dashy found a kill onto Kenny. Sadly for OpTic, iLLeY had a sniper on the field, giving Octane on of the easiest kills of his career and putting Octane and Dashy in a tense one-vs-one situation.

Octane encountered a strong head-glitch on the bomb site, but Dashy was able to score the shots necessary to win the round and match, tying the score at 4-4. OpTic won three of the following four rounds to take the map and end the match 3-2, moving on to Saturday.

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, LA Thieves will play against the Florida Mutineers in the game that is win-or-go-home, while the OpTic has a day off. On Saturday at 3:30 pm, Texas will face the Minnesota ROKKR for a chance to advance to the Winner’s Bracket Finals.

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