Step by Step bet365 guide for beginners

The bookmaker Bet365 is one of the largest in Europe and worldwide. The authority of the company is based on many years of experience in the bookmaking industry. The company was founded in Great Britain in 1974 where it successfully obtained all necessary licenses.

It is only natural that at the time when the Internet did not exist, Bet365 was an exclusively terrestrial company. But technical progress inevitably changes our life. The bookmaker has had an internet presence since 2000, and the results have exceeded the most audacious forecasts, so much so that in 2005 the management of the company made the decision to close outright or sell to the other bookmakers all its physical branches. bet365 made a decision to focus solely on its online activities. Another forward looking decision was to include eSports betting as part of its online portfolio.

In the past five or six years, the international awards and commercial profits have confirmed that this choice of development direction was the right one. In the period from 2010 to 2013, the bookmaker bet365 was recognized as the best online bookmaker in the world (eGaming Review Awards). In 2011, the bookmaker was also recognized in Great Britain, where it was named the best bookmaker in the world.

bet365´s admission into the largest bookmakers’ associations is the logical outcome of this “recognition process”. For example, Bet365 is the member of EBAS and ISSA. To maintain its image, the bookmaker Bet365 is doing a lot of advertising and sponsors several professional teams and leagues in different sports.

1. Creating an account with bet365

bet365 eSport: Create your account, deposit your money and avail the bonuses – that’s how it works.

From the above description, you can see why bet365 stands out from the other bookmakers. If you want to make smart investments and create your account on bet365, then you have come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will assist you, step-by-step to register yourself with bet365 in a matter of few clicks. Thereafter, this guide will also show you how to make a deposit and activate your bonus.

Step by step account creation at bet365:

All you have to do is to follow this detailed guide to sign up for your Bet365 account. I became aware of this site as an eSports fan, because this site sponsors some of the best teams and tournaments. Then after checking out the, site what made me sign up was the new member’s bonus which is so generous and easy to avail. Aside from regular sports, the site offers one of the biggest eSports betting markets as well as a large variety of eSports titles. So, being an eSports enthusiast, bet365 was simply the best option for me. By following the steps below you too can create an account with this well-reputed bookmaker.

Step 1: Visit the site in your browser. After the page loads, click on “Join Now” which should be on the upper right corner of your screen under “Username”.

Step 2: A new pop-up window will open up, which will ask you for your personal information, which you will have to fill out completely. This online registration form will ask you about all the important information like name, address, telephone number. The site will also ask about your time zone, a username, security number and a password for your gaming account.

Attention! Please keep in mind that the information you enter must be 100% legitimate and should exactly match your national ID card. If something doesn’t match up, then you will have problems paying out your money and claiming your rewards. Because whenever you claim your winnings, the site matches your actual data with your registration data (date of birth, name, address).

If youexperience any problems, one way or the other, then you can always click on “Contact Us” which is at the top of the registration form. There you can easily contact customer support which is available 24/7. You can either email them, have a live chat or just call them to finalize your registration.

Step 3: Your account is now officially created. As a confirmation, you will receive a welcome emailwhich will be sent to the email address you entered at registration, and you will also be offered a new customer bonus up to 100 Euro. The steps to access this offer will be explained in your email.

Note! If you want to avail the bonus, then you will have to deposit at least 10 euros. The amount can be easily deposited via the pop-up window, where you can select the payment method of your choice as well as the deposit limits of your choice. If you have closed the pop-up window accidentally, then simply log into your account, which is on the upper right corner. After logging in, go to the profile picture and click on the “Deposit” option. Then make the choices you want and avail the bonus and everything that goes with it.

Step 4: Select the payment method of the choice. The minimum deposit amount varies between 5 and 15 euros, depending on the deposit method you chose. Be sure to consider carefully before selecting the method. From the methods, you can choose PayPal which transfers your funds to the bookmaker´s account in a matter of minutes. You can also choose bank transfer which takes approximately three working days. Do remember, in order to avail the new customer bonus, you must transfer a minimum amount of 10 Euros, depositing only 5 Euros will not make you eligible to access the bonus.

Step 5: After making a successful deposit into your account, a pop-up window will appear, which will confirm your deposit. This window will require you to check the deposit details again. You can also make changes if you want to. After doing so, all you have to do is click on “claim your bonus offer” at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: Finally, drag your mouse to “Claim now” and congratulations, you have successfully claimed your bonus in a matter of a few clicks. The next window will show your current rollover and displays the revenue which you have generated so far. It can be checked at any time so you are always well informed as to how much revenue you have generated, in order to fulfill your rollover.

So, you have successfully created an account with Bet365 and as the cherry on top, you have also availed the new customer bonus.

2. bet365 Live betting option

Now let’s get you introduced to live betting. Live betting has brought a vital dynamism and excitement to sports betting. Live betting is particularly popular in eSports betting and this type of betting continues to grow in importance. To begin, it is worth knowing that live bets are those which are placed whilst chosen event is taking place. It is particularly exciting to place live bets on eSports, as the games are full of unexpected turns and changes.

Approximatelya decade ago, Betfair popularized Live Betting. The sports included at that time were horse racing, tennis, football and other popularevents. Traditionally bets could only be placed before a game started, but the live betting revolution has made it possible to react to events as they are played out live.

In the example of Rocket League, a punter may bet that there will be over 1.5 goals in the match, then a team scores an early goal, which leads to punters placing a new beton under 2.5 goal which ensures a profit no matter what the outcome of the match.

So, as one of the veterans of betting business, bet365 saw the future benefit of live betting. Live betting became popular and created a great boost of bettors, and quickly every other bookmaker also introduced live betting.

Now, a deceade later, almost every bookmaker offers live bets on almost every sport. This live betting offer great opportunities to both bookmakers and bettors to secure their investments and also gives them a rush, being able to instantly make or withdraw their deposits. Those days are gone when betting was just about making a bet before the game. Now you have the amazing diversity of betting on multiple markets.

At bet365, you can make a live bet while viewing the action via the live stream channels brought to you by the bookmaker itself.

By following these simple steps and you will be able to place a live bet on the eSports game/tournament of your choice. In the following example, we will guide you on how to make a bet on an outright winner of the renowned competition, NA LCS Spring Split.

Step 1: Enter the site by entering in your browser. After the page loads, log into your account and click on “Go”.

Step 2: Then click on the “E-Sports” option which will be present on the bottom left corner in the “Home” tab.

Step 3: Then a window will appear where you will see eSports title names, under which you will see multiple betting options, and one of the easiest bet types is “To win Outright”. This is one of easiest betting options, where you can pick the winner of the competition. You will have to look for the “LOL- NA LCS Spring Split” tab and click on “To Win Outright”.

Note! On Bet365, there is no chronological arrangement of competitions, in other words, it is not arranged Dota – CSGO – LoL – StarCraft instead you will find a mess, for instancee Dota – CSGO – Dota – Dota – Dota – CSGO – LoL – LoL – CSGO, depending on the number of competitions going on.

Step 4: After clicking on the bet option, you will be directed to a new page on Bet365. On this page, you will see a list of teams which are participating in the competition. The teams will be arranged according to their odds of winning the title.

Step 5: We will click on the odds 13/8, as we are picking Team SoloMid to win. After selecting the odds on which you would like to place your bet, a bet selection will open under “Bet Slip” in the top right corner of the Bet365 page. To finalize your bet, you will have to click on the yellow “Place Bet” button after entering your amount in “Stake”.

The terms “Stake” means the amount of amount you want to place the bet. After you are finished entering your desired amount, an amount will automatically come up in the “To Win” column. The purpose of this “to Win” column is to show the amount which you stand to make, if you win your bet.

Please remember that the “To Win” column shows only the possible profit that you may gain if you win your bet. If you manage to win, then congratulations. Along with the amount in your “Stake” column, you will receive the profit from the “To Win” column.

Here is a description of some of the other betting options.

Match Winner 2-way

In this type of bet, there are only two possible results and you have to predict which one is correct. In eSports, this type of bet is played out in all types of matchups where there is no room for a draw. For example, suppose 100 Thieves plays against OpTic Gaming in a best of one match — Which team will win?

To Reach The Final

In this type of bet, instead of picking out the winner of the tournament you predict one of the two teams which will reach the final.

Regular Season Winner

This bet option is on a bigger level than the outright winner. Here, instead of picking out the team which will win a specific title, you will have to pick out the team which will win the entire season. This is the team which wins the most premier titles of the season in a particular region.

Handicap Bets

Surprisingly, there are no Handicap bets in this competition at the moment. However, this betting category is played out in playoffs of major competitions and is amongst the most popular types of bets. Here, if one team is a clear favorite, , then Bet365 will give the weaker opponent a “head start”, which plays a vital role in the final calculation of the result.

For example: Let’s say there are best of 3 matches between Team Liquid and Team Solomid and Team Liquid has odds of 1.5. Then you will have two choices. Your first option is to bet to bet on Team Liquid to win with a score of 2-0. Your 2nd option is bet on Team Solomid who have to win at least one map. This means that if Team Liquid wins the series by 2-1 then even if Team Solomid looses, you will still win your bet if you predicted the 2nd choice, because they won a game.

3. Bet365 Withdrawal Methods

Bet365 operates with a wide variety of currencies and accepts most of the available options as payment methods. The range of the amounts that you can withdraw at bet365 ranges from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 50,000 depending on the selected method.

At bet365 accepted payment methods are as follows:

  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cheques
  • Neteller, Credit / Debit Card by Skrill, PayPal
  • Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap
  • Ukash, Paysafecard, Entropay, Trustly, Neosurf

When withdrawing funds, you should know that the chosen method is related to the paying in method. In other words, if you have deposited money with Bet365 through PayPal, this will be the platform chosen by default to withdraw your funds. If you want to change this you must contact Bet365 and ask them if a change is possible.

Currencies: New Zealand dollar, South African rand, Mexican pesos, Indian rupees, Mexican pesos, Romanian Lei, Czech Republic korunas, Thai baht, Chinese Renminbi, Bulgarian leva, Polish zlotys, New Taiwan dollars, Hungarian forints, Brazilian reals, Swedish kronor, Swiss francs, Norwegian kroner, Icelandic kronur, Denmark Kroner, Argentine pesos, US dollars, Japanese yen, Malaysian ringgits, Hong Kong dollars, British pounds sterling, Euros, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars.

There are two things required to make a withdrawal of your money from Bet365. Firstly, you should have an account with Bet365. The second requirement is that you should have money in your account to make a withdrawal. To have money in your account you will either have to make a deposit or win some money after making some smart bets on Bet365.

Step 1: Enter the site by entering in your browser. Then login to your account by entering your Username and Password.

Step 2: Then click on the “Services” tab, which will then show a drop down menu. From the drop down menu click on the “Banking” option.

Step 3: After clicking on this you will be directed to another page where you will see a deposit as well as a withdrawal option – select the “withdrawals” option. This is where you can also see the funds which you have available to withdraw. Now you will have to enter the withdrawl amount. Please make sure that the amount you enter is more than the minimum limit and less than the maximum limit. The money will be paid out to you through the payment method of your choice.

If under some circumstances you want to cancel your withdrawal, then you will have few hours to cancel the request. To do so, visit the “Members” page and click on the “Pending Withdrawals”. This will guide you through canceling your transaction.

The time required for Payout:

  • Bank cheque: withdrawal -> 6-29 days
  • Bank transfer: withdrawal -> 2-11 days
  • Debit / Credit Cards: withdrawal -> 1-3 days
  • E-Wallet: withdrawal -> 0-24 hours

Bet365 Cash Out

In recent years, the ‘cash out’ option of a bet in play on Bet365 has become quite popular. Arguably, at the moment, “cash out” is the most hyped feature. So what is “Cash Out”? To put it in simple words, this distinct feature of Bet365 allows a player to cash out a bet which is currently in play, whilst still claiming back a portion of your stake, in order to minimize the losses from your bet, or to cash out a portion of your bet in order to guarantee a profit

For example, let’s say we bet on Manchester United to win against Manchester City at odds of 2.50. In the 85th minute, United is winning 1-0. At this time you cash out a part of your winnings and guarantee a profit based on the results at the moment of cashing out. It’s your choice of how much you want to cash out. This cash out thus enables you an exceptional flexibility in making bets and this is what Bet365 is all about, to assist you as much as possible.

Customer service

The customer service of Bet365 has almost no negative side. You can contact customer service by phone, e-mail or live chat.

Why you should trust Bet365

  • A strong brand with global authority and many international awards;
  • High ratings and high customer satisfaction;
  • One of the world leaders in live sports betting;
  • One of the world’s best mobile app for gambling;
  • It offers a wide range of sports and betting options;
  • The largest offering of live sports streaming in the world among bookmakers’ sites;
  • A full range of gambling opportunities: casino, poker, financial bets etc.



As one of the largest (if not the largest) betting site in the world, bet365 offers a huge selection of betting opportunities. It is therefore no surprise that esports is just one of the many markets that is offered. Esports is tightly knit into the main bet365 site, which is advantageous to a seasoned better who likes to bet on a range of events but can be overwhelming to a newcomer placing their first bet. Given the amount of markets bet365 cover, if you solely bet on esports, you may find that navigating bet365 is not as intuitive as other sites, given the sheer amount of betting opportunities available. Being such a large site, esports does not feature as prominently as it does on some of the other betting sites.
However, the support and help provided by bet365 is very thorough. Therefore, having access to this support can be comforting to betters who may have concerns or wish to query something. The whole process of registering is straight forward, and it is common to see regular promotions being ran, which can make betting on bet365 even more profitable. As well as it’s website, they also have a well regarded app which which can make betting on the go much more accessible.