10Bet review: The bookie for CS:GO and special betting!

With 10Bet we present you with a really good sports bookmaker, which offers, especially for gamers and eSport fans, an XXL portfolio of sports betting markets. The entire website design of the classic site as well as the mobile website, the number of betting markets and the many additional functions and offers, guarantee that gamers and video game fans will feel especially at home here. Since we also prefer place our own bets with this bookmaker, it is not surprising that we deliver a detailed 10Bet sports betting test here for you. With the help of this test you will immediately be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of this provider, why we recommend that especially CS:GO fans take a close look, and whether you, with your specific playing preferences will gather positive experiences with this bookmaker.

The most important points about 10Bet:

  • 10Bet´s eSport offering focusses on CS:GO
  • 10Bet offers a new client bonus of up to 200 Euro
  • eSport portfolio of 7 betting markets
  • Comprehensive additional offers
  • Excellent Customer Service[/tie_list]

Categories in which 10Bet was tested

In order for us to recommend a provider, it must achieve a rating of good or very good in all ten important test categories. A click on the relevant test categories will take you directly to the appropriate test result, so that you can check, for example, if you can expect a positive experience making a payment with your own credit card.

Games Portfolio:
7 eSporting betting markets, with a CS:GO focus (9/10)

10Bet offers a total of 30 betting markets of mainstream and niche sporting types, on which you can bet. Having said that, this bookmaker even in regular sports, like football, sets new standards regarding playing depth and for selected events offer over 100 betting options. However you are interested first and foremost in the eSport prospects, and we have good news for you: since a while you have the opportunity of betting on seven different eSport betting markets. CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3 are all on offer. The focus is very clearly on Counter Strike events. Here, national and international top leagues are covered. Dota 2 is also well represented and offers a total of three betting markets. Therefore if you preferentially want to bet on CS:GO, then we recommend that you have a closer look at the options and odds offered by 10Bet. If you are looking for game depth, this is the market where you will find the most options.

As alluded to the introduction, 10Bet is one of our personal favourites, at which we also enjoy playing privately. This is because we, as gaming enthusiasts, in the first place are looking for a bookmaker which offers a sufficient eSport portfolio, and 10Bet is doing everything right. We also like that you have the opportunity here, for example to bet on the outcome of political events such as national elections, or TV events, like `I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here´ (in German- das Dschungelcamp`) or ` Deutschland sucht den Superstar´ (Pop Idol). This provides variety in day to day betting and provides fun betting options.

€5 No Instalment and up to 200 Euro instalment bonus! (10/10)

In the bonus category you are sure to have a good experience with this bookmaker. Currently you have the opportunity to activate two different bonuses. The first is a registration bonus. Just for registering, this bookmaker treats you to a bonus credit in the amount of five Euros. This enables you to try out the portal and get an overview of the betting markets on offer. You won’t get very far with this bonus, but to get a first impression, this is a fantastic offer.

Significantly more lucrative and useful however, is the instalment bonus. With the instalment bonus you can secure a 50% instalment bonus on your first instalment of up to 400 Euros. The minimum instalment is 15 Euros, and in this case you receive 7.50 € bonus credit. With a maximus instalment of 400 Euros, you secure the maximus bonus amount of 200 Euros.

10Bet Bonus details:

  • Bonus type: Instalment bonus
  • Maximum Bonus: 200 Euros
  • Bonus Code: FD200
  • Rollover: 5 x (Bonus + instalment) in betting at odds of 1,60 or higher
  • Bonus validity: 90 days

Naturally with this bookmaker you also have to first fulfil a turnover rollover, before your bonus and its associated winnings can be paid out. The total sum of bonus and instalment must be turned over 5 times in sports betting, at odds of 1,60 or higher. Thereby handicap bets are ruled out. You have 90 days for the turnover. Therefore, if you have secured the minimum bonus of 7,50 €, in return you need to generate a rollover of 112,50 Euro, with maximus bonus utilization, the impressive sum of 3000 Euros must be accrued. Because you can freely choose how high the bonus, and consequently the compulsory rollover should be (see below, in article on FAQs), we talk of a variable new customer bonus, which will make for a positive 10Bet Sport eSporting experience, for both beginners and experienced players.

10Bet puts emphasis on Gamer friendly design (8/10)

In the assessment of the website, we cannot unconditionally talk of a puristicly constructed design concept. This means that on the homepage of 10Bet, you will find advertising for current special offers and initiatives. The gamer friendly design, which reminds us more of a gaming portal, rather than a bookmaker, scores points. Especially positive, is that this bookmaker offers a mobile website, which is very puristic in its structure and simple design concept. This means that if the classical website does not really appeal to you, take a look at the mobile website as the two are as different as day and night.

As we only present the best bookmakers currently available on the net to you on this portal, we want to take this opportunity to praise a small unique selling point, that 10Bet, in comparison to other competitors we have ranked, has very sensibly implemented. With this bookmaker, the betting slips are not fixed on the top right hand side of the website, but rather scroll down with you, when you choose the lowest betting options. This provides really good usability and convenience, especially when you are playing complicated system or combination bets with multiple choices.

Mobile App and Mobile Website:
10Bet mobile provides a puristic alternative! (10/10)

With 10Bet you cannot play on the go with an App, however you can play, as already mentioned, on a mobile website version. The mobile website version differs majorly from the design of the classic website, as here you get a puristic design concept, which limits itself to the essentials. Compared to the mobile websites on offer from competitors, this mobile site is very convincing – it loads very quickly, even in high traffic times, and using the site in Safari browser on an iPhone, we could not find any points to criticise. 10Bet completely overhauled their website at the beginning of the year, and we find the redesign really successful. Gamers, gaming fans, as well as classical sports betting fans are sure to be impressed and have a positive experience with the mobile website design, menus structure and page construction of 10Bet.

Payment options:
This is what a fee exempt and transparent portfolio looks like! (9/10)

In the category of payment methods you notice that this bookmaker makes a real effort to cover almost every available payment option. Therefore the following methods are currently available for instalments and disbursements:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Giropay
  • Sofort
  • ecoPayz
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Scheck

We have to deduct points for the absence of PayPal, but otherwise we are looking at a very transparent portfolio. By this we mean that you can see at a glance, which minimum and maximum instalments you can make with a certain method, and whether fees are applicable. For instalments the minimum amount is between 5 and 10 Euro, the maximum instalment for all methods is 50,000€. Fees are only applicable on bank transfers. For disbursements, the minimum pay-out is between 5 and 25 Euros, the maximum pay-out is 50,000 Euros. It is important to note that even fast disbursements with online wallets require up to two days processing time. Fees are not levied on disbursements.

Odds and Limits:
Good Odds on CS:GO and betting with micro amounts (8/10)

This point in our big 10Bet sports betting test we can handle very quickly. Especially on CS:GO events, you will find 10Bet offers very good odds. In a direct comparison to bet365, the favourite odds on offer as a rule exceed those of the renowned global player, yet eSport is still relatively new and as a result, no real regularity has been established. Therefore, for complex system or combination bets, you should definitely include 10Bet in your future betting research.

The maximum stake limit for individual bets is determined by 10Bet for each separate event. That means that you can do nothing else, but to try out and see if the amount is accepted. On a particularly positive note, we must also add that here you have the option of betting with micro amounts. This means that bets with stakes of 20 or 30 cents are permitted. And this is especially beneficial for additional betting options – like fun bets on TV events, like `das Dschungelcamp`, or if Christian Lindner is really going to become the next Chancellor. Many players are not prepared to place the minimum stake of 1 Euro for such risky, novelty bets, where they are not really convinced of the outcome. Then it is important that a bookmaker allows betting with micro amounts. To throw 20 cents out of the window is different to throwing a Euro in the dustbin. And with such fun, novelty jokes, as a rule, one assumes that one will loose.

This Customer Service sets the standard (10/10)

With regards to customer service, the situation is as follows: you reach a live chat customer service representative within seconds. The complete customer support package is available in German, upon request. As well as the live chat option, a contact formula, and a hotline is available. This means that those who speak absolutely no English are assured of a positive experience with this customer service.

At this point, we again have to praise a small positive point. As we have already said, we only present here the very best bookmakers, who offer eSporting betting options. And as a rule they do not differ so much from each other except in small unique selling points. Such a unique point is the additional support that you experience with 10Bet. When you log into your account, after the absence of a few weeks, a chat staff member automatically contacts you, asking if they can assist you in any way. Even if we, as experienced betting experts are not really in need of any help, we find that for beginners and newcomers in the world of betting, this type of support can really ease the introduction time. It creates the feeling that the support team is really there for you, and wants to help, and that the bookmaker has an interest in whether you are playing with them or not.

Live Betting and Cash Out:
eSport Fans get their money’s worth! (6/10)

We must positively highlight, that 10Bet implemented a cash-out function relatively early. When you view your current open bets, some of them will have a cash-out icon. When you click on this symbol, your bet will be cancelled and you will receive back the amount indicated on the symbol. This is helpful, when you have totally made the wrong estimate on your bet and want to save at least a portion of your stake.

In the category live betting we at last experience a weak point of this bookmaker, in this so far very convincing field test. This is because there is no option to place live bets on eSports. Inquiries to customer service revealed that this bookmakers plans, in the near future, to integrate live betting into its eSport portfolio.

Additional Offers and Betting Tax:
Casino additionally on offer, betting tax levy for winnings (6/10)

These two points are handled relatively quickly. For the first point, you have the option of gambling in the connected online casino. For this you are allowed to use your sports betting credits. This can also count towards the fulfilment of your bonus rollover, we discourage you however from doing this, as we generally assume that a gamer will not be so impressed with simple casino games, so we will not go any further into this theme. As a rule, experienced gamers respond only with a tired smile to so called online gambling. For them it is just too simple and not complicate enough!

With regards to betting tax, the situation is as follows: This bookmaker, for a long time assumed complete liability for betting tax. But now it is deducted from every win. This means that when you bet 100 Euro at odds of 2,00, and you win, you receive a 5% reduced winning sum of 190 Euros. This means that the bookmakers now passes the complete liability for the betting tax on to the player.

Licence and Security:
This provider is 100% reliable and safe! (10/10)

In their entire commercial history, the bookmaker 10Bet has never experienced an incident of fraud. This provider has a valid licence in Malta and is overseen by the Maltese gambling control body. We can guarantee you that Bet10 can be considered very reliable.

The website is secured with a Comodo certificate. Instead of losing ourselves in long lectures about which conditions a bookmaker must fulfil in order to acquire a licence, not we will rather say the one thing that is important for you: When we confirm that the current licence of a bookmaker is valid, you do not need to make your own investigations – this is rather a service which we provide for you.

Important Questions regarding bookmaker 10Bet and eSports betting:

✪ Which level of instalment bonus should I choose?

This is a very good question. Especially as beginners, we want to be a support at your side, and provide you with orientation. In this case, you need to consider realistically how much turnover you can generate within the three months, or 90 day bonus validity period, without spending excessive amounts of money. Let us assume that in three months you plan to turn over an amount of 400 Euro in your betting activities. This amount is divided by the conversion factor, in this case five. The result is 80 Euros. Now add the sum of the instalment and bonus received to calculate the turnover rollover. Simultaneously, the instalment is always double as high as the bonus worth (50% instalment bonus).

This means we solve the formula x+0,5x=80 Euro and compute x, which yields a total of 54 Euros, rounded off. This means that when you limit your instalment to 54 Euros, and with this instalment, you receive a bonus of 27 Euros, in turn you need to generate a turnover rollover of 405 Euros. And this is more or less the amount that you determined in the beginning that you would be able to turn over in three months.

✪ Can I get a pay-out before I have fulfilled the rollover?

Under no circumstances. This applies to ever bookmaker and every bonus. If you pay our before you have fulfilled the turnover rollover, you loose the bonus and all associated winnings. This means that all your work that you have done so far in fulfilling the rollover bonus has been for nothing. Precisely for this reason it is important that we clarify for you in the first question above, how to calculate which bonus and corresponding turnover rollover is right for you. We often get correspondence from players who have activated the maximum bonus amount, but then have not been able to generate a 3000 Euro turnover. A golden rule that you should take to heart: with bonus credits you should always be guided by reason, rather than greed.

✪ Where can I find explanations of game concepts /betting options?

In our guides to the individual eSport games we present not only all the important betting tips, but also the most important game concepts!

✪ How come I can’t place Systems of Combination bets on eSports?

This is a question asked by those who have acquired a little experience in betting. Especially with mainstream sports like football, there is often the opportunity to combine multiple betting options within an event and in so doing, achieve higher odds. With eSports the situation is as follows: apart from CS:GO, there are generally two betting options per event, on favourite and defeat. This means that to place combination bets one would need to combine different events with each other.

✪ Is betting on eSports even legal in Germany?

Definitely. If not, we would not be introducing these bookmakers to you. We have made it our goal not only to present to you the best bookmakers with an eSport portfolio and gaming affinity, but we also attach great importance to exclusively present reliable, safe and legal offerings.

Conclusion: Top bookie for CS:GO and betting on Politics/TV!

Finally at this points, it remains for us only to say that we can wholeheartedly recommend 10Bet. Some of our editorial team themselves play regularly with 10Bet, as you can gather from the screenshot of this article. We value the personal support, that this bookmakers offers professionals, and that they very early on implemented eSport betting markets. The revised version of their mobile internet site also checked all the boxes for us, and in our opinion, sets new standards. If you are primarily interested in eSports betting and you want to specialise in the CS:GO betting market, then we can only advise that you include Bet10 in your future betting investigations.

If you are an occasional player, who want to broaden your gaming hobby with exciting eSport betting, and thereby add a little more suspense to the next Twitch broadcast, then we can likewise recommend that you register with this bookmaker. Here you also have the opportunity to occasionally place special bets on politics or TV events. This provides variety, and just that little bit extra. Overall however, it is the little things, the unique selling points of this provider that make for such a positive betting experience with 10Bet eSport. These include the moveable betting slips on the homepage and the more than convincing customer support which really takes care of players.[/box]