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Betway, a well-known global player, which has been active for many years in the sports betting segment.

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Betway review: The bookie with its own eSport portal!

We present to you the bookmaker Betway, a well-known global player, which has been active for many years in the sports betting segment. In contrast to some other competitors, Betway saw the signs of the times and early on offered their own eSport section. In the course of this sports betting test, we give you a detailed overview of this provider, explain to you how you use their new customer bonus and point towards why you will gather positive experiences in eSport betting with Betway. It is not without reason that the renowned Betway Limited, which is behind Betway Sports, belongs to the leading current providers, and this concern company almost every facet of modern online gambling.

Categories in which Betway was tested:

In our big test, bookmaker Betway needed to score in all our test categories, and to achieve a rating of good or very good. Only then can we recommend a bookie for your eSports betting. To view a specific test score, just click on the appropriate category in the following contents list. You will then be directed straight to your category of choice.

Playing Portfolio:

9 eSport betting markets and Boost Feature (10/10)

Betway has a portfolio of approximately 30 betting markets, with classical and niche sporting types. With its own in-house eSport portal you will find 9 different eSport betting markets: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, SC2, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, as well as Warcraft 3, Hearthstone and CoD. But there is even more: the bookmaker has also integrated an eSport specials section into its portfolio. Here you will find special betting options, for instance if a certain number of kills will be reached in a specific match.

Last but not least you have the opportunity here to also use the Betway Boost. These are special free bets offered by this provider in the category eSports. When you win, you keep your winnings, if you loose, you get your stake back. The depth of the games also set the yardstick, you will find most of these options with Dota and CS:GO. You can keep up to date with upcoming tournaments and current team strengths with Betway´s own eSport blog.


Up to 150 Euro instalment bonus and an eSports action bonus

These measures apply currently with regards to new customer bonuses: Players from Germany, Switzerland and Austria can receive a welcome bonus, in the form of an instalment bonus, in an amount of up to 150 Euros. This means that with an instalment of from 10 to 150 Euros, you get an identical bonus credit. With an instalment of 10 Euros, you unlock a 10 Euro bonus. With an instalment of 150 Euros, you receive a corresponding 150 Euro bonus. But there is more: this bookmaker also offers in the eSport sector, a large variety of additional offers in the form of free betting and special bonuses, which you receive when you place special combination or system bets. Alternatively there are always special promotions for major tournaments, with quirky special bets which add variety.

Bet365 Bonus details

  • Type of Bonus: Instalment Bonus
  • Maximum Bonus: 150 Euros
  • Bonus Code: –
  • Rollover: 6 x Bonus, at odds of 1,7 or higher
  • Bonus validity: 90 days

When you restrict yourself to sports bets with odds of 1,75 or higher then you need only turn over the bonus value 6 times. The choice is yours, to vary between these three options, to play one part with bets with odds over 1,75, one part with bets with odds between 1,30 and 1,74, as well as playing freely the slot machines in the online casino. Variety is guaranteed with this type of bonus, and we expect that the multitude of options available to you here will also ensure a positive Betway eSporting experience for eSport fans.


Betway relies on its own eSport section with a modern look(9/10)

Whether or not Betway has chosen a gamer-friendly design concept for its website, we cannot say. What we can guarantee though, is that here you will find one of the most comprehensive stand- alone eSport portfolios on offer, which competitors cannot match. In Betways eSport portfolio, you will exclusively find the most important eSport encounters. Additionally, through the homepage of the eSport portal, you will be kept up to date about special eSport betting bonuses or offers, which you can partake of.

An overview map shows the eSport betting markets available. One click on these will bring up the corresponding events. We found especially positive that the betting slips are not fixed in an upper right hand stationary position, but scroll down with you. Additionally, we must positively highlight, that as well as single bets, one can also in the eSports arena, place combination and system bets. These are called ´multibets´ at Betway.

Mobile App and Mobile Website:

Betway offers Apps and a mobile website(10/10)

Just because you enjoy gambling, and placing regular bets on eSports, it doesn’t mean that you want to spend all your time on front of the computer. 2019 saw a major rise in mobile entertainment via Smartphone and tablet. Bookmakers have realised this early on. Betway offers customers its own iOS App and its own mobile website. Even though google does not allow any gambling games in its App portal, you have the option to install an android App. For this Betway offers its own APK File, as well as installation instructions, explaining how the App is installed. The mobile website enables you to play wherever you happen to be, from any web enabled device. Customers can enjoy positive experiences with Betway, even on the move. Full marks, all boxes checked!

Payment options:

Transparent Portfolio including PayPal! (10/10)

Betway currently offers you the choice of the following payment methods for your instalments and disbursements:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • Sofort
  • Trustly
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Mpass

Again here, you will find a transparent overview of all available instalment and disbursement payment options. With this you can see at a glance with which methods one can pay in and out, if fees are applicable, and other important points to take note of when using a particular payment method. In other words – this is a comprehensive example of what a transparent payment portfolio should look like.

Odds and Limits:

Good odds on favourites and betting with micro-amounts (10/10)

We will now examine the odds on offer at Betway in a little more detail, particularly in the eSport category. We shall take a look at a current Dota 2 event, and compare the odds to those offered by bet365 and The following comes to light: favourite odds offered by Betway are often a little better than those of the competition. This means that currently, we can highly recommend that when you are researching the best odds, to include Betway in the future. When you consider that it is also possible to place system and combination bets with this bookmaker on the eSporting betting market, it pays to compare offers from Betway.

The second positive point in this section of the big Betway sports betting test: you can also bet with micro amounts of under one Euro. This comes into play when you, for instance want to place fun bets in the political arena, but in doing so want to make a minimum investment, because you are just doing it for a joke and don’t seriously believe in the bets positive outcome. For many players it makes a big difference whether they are forced to bet a whole Euro, or can just wager 10 or 20 cents. In this point therefore Betway is doing everything right, and again positively convinces us in yet another test category, earning ten out of ten!


This customer service sets the standard! (10/10)

This point can be handled relatively quickly. Apart from a hotline, Betway offers every other available contact option, such as live chat or an email contact form. Over live chat, as well as email, you are connected to German speaking customer service agents, who you can speak to in your mother tongue. In our field test, in normal business hours, we reached a service agent via live chat within 20 seconds. A query regarding the calculation of betting tax, live betting on eSports and an Android mobile App, were answered quickly and accurately.

Therefore, we expect that if you experience a problem, you will be in good hands. One can tell from their service offering that Betway Limited have been offering their services for many years on the internet, and know what is important to players. As well as an XXL portfolio of divers playing and betting options, customer support offered in their mother tongue is precisely what many players want. Betway has acknowledged this desire and sensibly implemented it. We are talking here of one of the best service offers currently available.

Live Bets and Cash Out:

Puristic Live Betting and eSport Cash Out function with Betway (9/10)

If there is a criticism that we need to get off our chests, then it is regarding the live betting portals from the bookmaker Betway, although we are complaining at a very high level. Because the live betting portal at Betway does give you access to all important eSport events, so that you can place bets even during a running event. The design concept of the live betting portals does not differ from the bookmakers classical sports betting portal. Now to the small criticism: this provider forgoes the implementation of genuine eSport live streams. Here you solely get the notification of the current score. eSport fans and players know that on Twitch you will find a live stream of almost every eSport event, down to the lowest leagues. Therefore, even if Betway does not itself offer a live stream, you do not have to do without one, when you bet with Betway.

In 2019, nearly all bookmakers set up a cash out function. Betway was not among them, as they have already been offering it for a while. With the help of this function, you can cancel a current running bet, and still receive a portion of your stake back. You will find the cash out function when you open your player profile – there you will be able to see all your running bets, where you will also find the cash out symbol. A click on this icon, and your bet is cancelled and you will receive a portion of your stake back.

Additional Offers and Betting Tax:

XXL Additional Offers, but betting tax levies on winnings (8/10)

In the category of additional offers, at Betway you will find one of the largest number of offers of any bookmaker. When you log in, you have access not only to Betway´s online casino, Betway Live Casino, but also to the Las Vegas offer as well as Poker, and the bookmaker´s in house Bingo portal. Therefore, if you enjoy variety, and sometimes want a diversion from your sports betting, here you will have all your bases covered!

In this category, points have been deducted for the fact that with Betway the betting tax is automatically deducted from your winnings. This means that if you bet 100 Euros, at odds of 2,0, and you win the bet, the bookmaker pays only 190 Euros out. 5%, or 10 Euros of your winnings are kept by the bookmaker and paid to tax authorities.

Licence and Safety:

This provider is 100% reliable and safe! (10/10)

Betway guarantees the speedy pay out of client funds, that client instalments are kept in escrow accounts and that up to now, no incidence of fraud has occurred. A current licence held in Malta, and regular inspections from gambling authorities in Malta guarantee that Betway can be regarded as reliable. Apart from that, the fact that this bookmaker is a leading sponsor of well-known German national league teams like Dynamo Dresden and St Pauli also speaks to its good repute. Such licences are not frivolously dispended by Football Associations, rather exclusively to reputable partners.

The website is secured with a GeoTrust certificate. The bookmaker fulfils all important requirements, such as the statutory `Jugendschutz´ (child protection) legislation and provisions against money laundering. This means before the first disbursement, the bookmaker carries out an identity check, comparing registration data with the identity card provided. Only players of a legal age, who have undergone a successful identity check, are able to receive a pay out from Betway.

This question does not have a blanket answer. To figure out the best amount for you, we will demonstrate via a small calculation, which you can easily work out for yourself. Before you begin, it is important that you take a look at the rollover, in other words, how long you have to fulfil all the conditions. We are calculating with a period of 30 days. Now consider how you much money you can turn over in 30 days. For our example, we will assume 200 Euros. The 200 Euro must be divided by the turnover factor, in the case of this bookmaker 6. 200/6=33 Euros.

Therefore, you make an instalment of 33 Euros to receive your bonus. That sum probably sounds low to you, as with a 33 Euros instalment, you receive a corresponding bonus of 33 Euros, however don’t forget how much turnover you can make in 30 days: 200 Euros and no more. If you set yourself a higher limit, naturally your instalment and bonus will also be higher, however, you must also then have a higher turnover. Stay realistic and don’t invest too much, otherwise you can loose everything if you don’t fulfil the rollover.

It is possible, but it makes absolutely no sense and we urgently discourage you from doing this. Because if you pay out before the fulfilment of the rollover, you forfeit everything that you have earned with bonus so far. All bonus winnings are gone, and your bonus also cannot be reactivated or simply continued. Therefore consider very carefully how high your instalment for your bonus should be, so that you are able to fulfil the rollover timeously, and only then pay out.

Where can I find explanations of game concepts / betting options?

You have probably already viewed a live transmission, and realised that commentators casually throw around jargon and slang terms. As a beginner this is often very strange and you have no idea what these terms mean. Do the terms `Rush´, ´MapPoint´ or `Enrage-Quit` mean anything to you? If not, you should make an effort to widen your eSporting vocabulary. You will find explanations in our games guide section.

Why can’t I place System or Combination bets with eSports?

At the moment, system and combination betting options don’t come up that often in eSport betting. Especially systems bets are had to come by currently; combination bets are available more often, but certainly not as easy to comprehend as in normal betting. However, as eSports are growing in popularity, these betting opportunities are increasing, and will probably soon be standard. Betway does offer combination bets on eSports. Here they are referred to as multibets.

Is eSports betting with Betway even legal in Germany?

eSport betting is just as legal as any other type of online betting in Germany. As long as the bookmaker has a valid licence, everything is in order. This information is available to view on the website of the bookmaker, and with this you can see straight away if it is a provider with which you want to engage, or not get involved with. Here however, we generally only give a platform to bookmakers who possess a valid licence, so you do not need to do your own investigation into bookmakers ranked by us.

Conclusion: A Top Bookmaker for eSport fans, with its own Betway eSports portal!

If you have read attentively through these test results, then it should already be clear to you why we recommend Betway. Betway is one of the few renowned, global players who offer their own eSports betting portfolio, complete with its own portal. This means that rather than considering eSport as just one type amongst many others, Betway have specially integrated a portal just for eSports betting fans, concentrating solely on eSports, and offering special offers just for eSport betting fans.

This means that if you want to place bets only on eSports, and value doing it with a global player, with years of experience, then this bookmaker is just right for you. Last but not least, you also have the option here of placing eSport combination and systems bets. This bookmaker also offers variety and diversion from everyday betting monotony. With your eSport login you can also punt in the Casino, the Poker portal or play online Bingo. Especially as a gamer, this means that you have some useful diverting options, when there are no relevant eSporting betting opportunities on offer.

We must also positively mention the fact that the betting slips scroll down with you. And that this bookmaker allows you to fulfil your rollover with three different options. Even though we only present the best eSport bookmakers here, we must nevertheless tell you that Betway is our `insider tip`. We recommend, if you are searching for a renowned eSport bookmaker, to examine further what Betway has to offer. Take special note of their good favourite odds, and see how they compare with your current bookmaker.

Bookmaker Features

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  • Betway offers a new customer bonus of up to 150 Euros
  • Extensive additional offers
  • Excellent customer support
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