Rocket League – Team Luminosity Reinforced With AlRaz, Lionblaze, and Kinseh

Teams from North America have recently started a trend of bringing in reinforcements, and their moves have shaken up the entire Rocket League market, as well as the entire gaming community.

Luminosity Gaming is prepared to sign a full new team, this time in North America, after unveiling their 2021–22 roster. This move was inspired by many different factors, and they are hoping it will bring a new wave of success to the franchise.

Hunter “LionBlaze” Woitas, a CRL champion and previous member of the Ghost, Sukhpartik “kinseh” Kahlon, a former member of the Pittsburgh Knights and Torrent, and Alex “AlRaz” Raczynski, a former member of the Charlotte Phoenix, will make up the new LG roster.

The Changes So Far

After a dismal season in Europe, where they were preseason favorites to make Majors and Worlds with a trio of Dylan “eekso” Pickering, Damian “Tox” Schäfer, and Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés, Luminosity has decided to transfer to North America. Sadly, the squad was never able to realize their full potential and was unable to create an RLCS LAN.

Tox replaced Riccardo “Rizex45” Mazzotta on Evil Geniuses after the team’s postseason decision to split up, and AtomiK formed the Spanish superteam ARG with Marc “MaRc By 8.” Domingo Ruiz and Ivan “DORITO” Ruiz Jiménez.

Luminosity may have some success in the upcoming season even if they are not adding players who have consistently competed at a contender level in North America.

In the 2021–22 season, Lionblaze, a renowned expert in one-on-one play, routinely ranked as Ghost’s top player. He will definitely serve as the team’s focal point, and Kinseh and Alraz have both shown themselves to be capable backup players. Coach and backup players have not yet been disclosed by the team.

The future lineup for Luminosity Gaming will include:

  • Sukhpartik “kinseh” Kahlon
  • Alex “AlRaz” Raczynski
  • Hunter “LionBlaze” Woitas

This latest addition to Luminosity’s roster makes them contenders once again in a crowded North American competition. The depth they needed might finally be there, so it will be interesting to see if they click together and create the chemistry that will last them throughout the whole season, and possibly lead them all the way to the title.

If you are a Luminosity fan, these news are truly a reason to celebrate, but even if you’re not, you should be happy as this means that the matches in front of us will be filled with nothing but pure action.

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