Rainbow Six Brutal Swarm – Year 7 Season 3 Updates, Patch Size, and More

The long avaited “Operation: Brutal Swarm”, the third season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 7 launch, was made available by Ubisoft.

Fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season, including a new operator, a new map, and Phase 2 of the updated Reputation System.

Let’s quickly go over all the information currently available on Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3: Brutal Swarm.

What’s new?

Since season 3 started on 6th of September, you might have missed on some things so far, but don’t worry because we are there to keep you updated. This season brings with it another another new Operator, as was originally promised. Grim, a native of Singapore, is what it looks like this time.

Grim is an Attacker class character that is reputed to be an expert at survival and scouting. He has a Kawan Hive Launcher system that he can use to launch bee bots into the air. In addition to causing Nicholas Cage nightmares, these bees can be counted on to expose a person’s whereabouts. Additionally, he is armed with a P229 as his backup weapon and a 552 Commando or SG-CQB as his primary weapon.

It will be fascinating to watch how the neighborhood responds as Grim appears to shake up the game for attackers by bringing those Defenders out of hiding.

Map & Gameplay Changes

In addition, the season will witness the addition of the fan-favorite map Stadium as a constant fixture in the rotation. It now goes by the name Stadium Bravo and incorporates components from a few of the other maps.

Finka and LMG adjustments are among the balancing modifications disclosed. Impact EMP grenades will also be introduced to several Operators’ loadouts. Additionally, there are plans to add more attachments and improve the recoil in the PC version of the game. (Console gamers will also enjoy controller-specific recoil tweaks.)

We’re informed that Dokkaebi and Rook will receive more balancing tweaks toward the middle of the season. The Map Ban phase will also undergo some adjustments, showing five instead of three maps. Updates to the tactical map will give attackers more information to work with while preparing.

The Conclusion

The latest Rainbow 6 changes may not sound too huge at first, but their impact on the gameplay will be more than significant. In case you want to adjust to them before playing against the others, feel free to check out the training mode, where you can get yourself familiar with all the new features.

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