League of Legends – Top Picks From The Latest 13.1 Patch

Every two weeks, League of Legends releases a new patch that modifies the champion roster in order to maintain balance.

Both in competitive play and solo queue, every modification has the capacity to have a major effect on the game’s overall state. To present you with a list of the champions with the best winning rates in the most recent patch, we dug through League metrics website and weren’t surprised whom we found there.

The top champions in League Patch 13.1, according to in-game #Riot statistics, are shown below.

1.      Singed

In the most recent preseason, powerful goods like Jak’Sho, The Protean, were added to the game. And even though Patch 13.1 previously nerfed several of them, they still give some champions a boost. Singed, who has been dominating in the mid lane with a 55.13 percent victory rate, is one of them.

Singed can simply roam to the other laner and take some kills there with the help of some strong, tanky equipment, giving his team the early advantage and the chance for a snowball effect.

2.      Maokai

Right before Worlds 2022, Maokai returned to the top of the list of the best junglers in the game, and he has continued to be one of the finest choices ever since.

He presents a compelling argument for becoming your top choice if you want to advance swiftly with his staggering 54.62 percent win rate.

3.      Udyr

The devs have been working to balance the champion since since his rework in Patch 12.18.

He ended up being one of the game’s most reliable junglers thanks to his 12.23 modifications, it turns out. He can transform into a powerful tank, a quick fighter, or a hybrid of the two thanks to his many builds. Udyr has a 53.43 percent victory percentage so far.

4.      Zac

Another champion who has been extensively publicized by the 2023 preseason modifications is Zac. He has a so far 54.17 percent win record in the mid lane, which is admirably excellent.

His key advantages are his ability to endure mid-lane pokes and his quick access to other lanes where he may cause trouble.

5.      Amumu

Amumu has been selected for support roles the majority of the time during the past few seasons. He has a 53.40 percent victory percentage in the jungle and is still effective in that position.

It is challenging to compete against him, especially in five-vs-five teamfights, due to his simple kit and challenging CC.

6.      Tristana

Players in the mid lane have been experimenting with Tristana in the mid lane for years, and in Patch 13.1, it was cemented with some strong results. The winner has a 53.76 percent victory rate as of right now.

It is nearly impossible to fight her alongside another AD carry beyond the 30-minute mark due to her powerful late-game scaling.

7.      Anivia

One of the few champions who hasn’t undergone any changes in the last few patches is Anivia, who is still one of the game’s top mid laners.

Once a contest hits the late game, Anivia becomes one of the most lethal opponents thanks to her strong scaling and tremendous ability damage. She now has a win rate of 54.57 percent.

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