League of Legends Patch 12.21 Changes – Buffs & Nerfs

As we make our final efforts to win the division we’ve been hoping for the entire season, #LeagueofLegends season 12 and our LP are slowly sliding out of our control.

Since #Patch12.21 marks the end of Season 12, the following patch, which will go live on November 16, will include all the preseason changes that have been in development on the #PBE since the start of October.

#RiotGames didn’t want to include significant changes in the season’s final patch since preseason adjustments are already on their way, and they will cause the meta to be completely upended and change drastically very quickly. Thus, Patch 12.21 only introduces a few balance adjustments and, of course, K’Sante, the most anticipated champion of the year.

Ahri, Corki, Malzahar, and Xin Zhao were waiting in line for buffs that would at least somewhat aid them in these tough times when it came to balance revisions. Miss Fortune, Bel’Veth, and Blitzcrank, on the other hand, were nerfed to lessen their dominance in solo queues.

Buffed Champions

Since Patch 12.21 is brief and straightforward, the winners’ list will also be similar. This time, Malzahar, Xin Zhao, and Miss Fortune are on the victorious side. Even though they overwhelmingly prevailed in this patch, their victory rates will undoubtedly shift as soon as the preseason begins.

This patch didn’t bring about any significant changes for Malzahar, but it did bring about a new feature for his Malefic Visions that lets his minions kill enemies with 15 to 45 health or less.

Malzahar will now be able to get even more CS and money as a result of this, which will allow him to scale more quickly into a dangerous control mage who punishes champions that engage in excessive diving.

For several patches now, AD Miss Fortune has dominated the Worlds stage and solo queue. Despite the nerfs being designed for the markswoman Miss Fortune, they are not nearly enough to remove her from the meta. They also gave Miss Fortune’s support a boost because of the way she plays, which is to dominate short-range AD carriers like Vayne.

Therefore, these improvements to Miss Fortune’s AP ratios will undoubtedly increase her early game strength and let her to convert her lane advantage into a convincing victory.

It’s no secret that Xin Zhao hasn’t had a good season 12. Riot is showing Xin Zhao some love by boosting his Determination and Audacious Charge in an effort to atone, at least in part, for all the hardships he had to endure during this unfortunate season. Unfortunately, these adjustments won’t have much of an immediate effect on his jungling speed, but over time, they will help him prevail in teamfights and river skirmishes that he would have otherwise lost.

Nerfed Champions

Only three champions—Bel’Veth, Blitzcrank, and Miss Fortune—were weakened by patch 12.21. Miss Fortune will undoubtedly continue to be a great pick despite the nerfs, therefore the only losers of this patch are Blitzcrank and Bel’Veth. Let’s examine what specifically makes them losers.

Since her debut, Bel’Veth has proven to be an exceptionally powerful jungler who, with a little assistance from her teammates to create objectives, can quickly transform into a slippery monster that can easily run down stationary targets like mages and AD carry. She is therefore receiving nerfs to her Royal Maelstorm and Endless Banquet in order to reduce her power. Bel’Veth’s jungle clearing pace will undoubtedly slow down as a result of these nerfs, and she won’t be as effective at ganking or counter-ganking.

Since she won’t be able to use her Royal Maelstorm as frequently as she can act as a dummy frontline, this will also have an impact on her survivability during teamfights. You don’t have to worry as much about these nerfs because, generally speaking, she will remain in a respectable position until the end of the season.

Last but not least, Blitzcrank, who has received numerous buffs over the past two patches, received a nerf. His support role is affected the most by these nerfs, which greatly lessen his lane oppression. His starting health and magic resistance are thus somewhat decreased. Additionally, the extra attack speed he gains from his Overdrive has been adjusted. These adjustments have made it possible for support mages like Zyra and Soraka to effectively punish him anytime he fails to use his Rocket Grab.

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