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The first teasers for Fortnite’s Chapter 3 and Season 4 Announced Publicly

The peaceful Vibin’ season of Fortnite is about to end, which means the upcoming battle royale season is just around the corner. Players from all around the world are anxious to learn as much as they can about this season, as is customary. Thankfully, Fortnite’s TikTok advertisements are revealing further details about the upcoming season, which is expected to be titled Paradise.

Data miners claim that Fortnite has posted a few different season 2 teasers as TikTok advertisements. One recent breach included some scheduled tweets from Epic Games that state, “Chrome will eat all, Chrome will be all.” “#Consume everything,” and “#FortniteParadise.” The hashtags in the text indicate that the season is called “Paradise” for Fortnite.

Teasers Everywhere

Another teaser is a brief live-action film of a beauty expert experimenting with an organic skin lotion. She is shocked as the cream covers both of her arms and transforms them into a chrome-like material. The FortniteNews telegram channel, which had previously been accurate about the Skyfire incident, helped regain this.

Another live-action film depicts a man pouring a bowl of cereal before realizing the milk is chrome and that it is spreading throughout the entire house and converting everything to chrome. The Paradise logo appears as the man stands up and flees. This dispersal appears to be consistent with earlier teasers, which similarly depict the chrome material eating everything in its vicinity.

The last video, for now, shows a woman spraying her plants with pesticide, at which point she notices they’re turning to chrome in her fingertips. Her plant and spray bottle begin to spread chrome as the video cuts to the Paradise image while a loud crashing is heard in the background.

Epic Games doing it on purpose?

This type of live-action sequence is unusual for Epic, so it appears that the publisher is making every effort to promote the upcoming season. Each of the videos has an unsettling mood because whatever this new chrome substance touches is consumed. The members of The Seven are currently missing from the island, and this fluid is probably the cause.

Soon after these films were discovered, Epic Games unveiled Paradise, a brand-new website.

The website is nothing more than a movie with the Paradise logo and a terrifyingly loud buzzing sound. Content producers have already started testing the new audio because this noise might always be a clue to something greater.

This chrome will probably be a powerful force in Fortnite Chapter Three, season four, even if it’s uncertain what this new season has in store.

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